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The ViewSonic N1630w is a 15.6" LCD HDTV, an entry level monitor in the ViewSonic N LCD series.

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Built-in power supply removes need for AC adapter - especially helpful for supplementing wire-heavy computer setups

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HDTV functions perform very well - analog and unscrambled channels are automatically picked up

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Input options are good for the price point - one of each standardized format (VGA, HDMI, component, composite, s-video)

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Considerably less functional as a PC monitor - picture quality is degraded and cursor-to-screen latency is inherent

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Contrast level is relatively dim - very frustrating during low-lit movie and television scenes

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Sound outputting is thin/weak - little improvement with knowledgable EQ adjustment

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The ViewSonic N1630w is a 15.6" LCD HDTV, an entry level monitor in the ViewSonic N LCD series. This piece is relatively inexpensive at only $205. It is an LCD display which is generally the best kind of flat-panel screen for viewing in brightly-lit rooms.  This piece is good for personal entertainment. Having a wide aspect display, it is ideal for DVD movies recorded in the 16:9 format, as well as high definition programming. This piece gives excellent value for money, similar displays would usually cost almost $90 more.  One particularly impressive feature of this monitor is its very high contrast ratio: 10,000:1, (contrast ratio measures the ratio of the luminance of the brightest color (white) of the screen to that of the darkest color on the screen (black) that the system is capable of producing).  This contrast ratio is much higher than the HP and Dell monitors, which are 3000:1 at best. Response time at 8ms (a determinant of how well fast moving objects are rendered and how little blur happens) is ok, but not the best (typical monitors these days have a 4ms, with less being better).

  • Type: 16" (15.6" viewable) color TFT active matrix, wide LCD
  • Display Area: 13.5" horizontal, 7.6" vertical, 15.6" diagonal
  • Optimum Resolution: 1366x768
  • Contrast Ratio: 10,000:1 dynamic
  • Viewing Angles: 160º horizontal, 160º vertical
  • Response Time: 8ms (typ)
  • Light Source: Long life, 50,000 hrs (typ)
  • Brightness: 250 cd/m2 (typ)
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Glass Surface: Anti-glare, anti-reflective coat
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