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Features 3300 lumens, native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution, and intuitive, user-friendly design.

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The ViewSonic Light Stream PJD5155 price-performance projector features 3300 lumens, native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution, and intuitive, user-friendly design. Exclusive Super Color technology offers a wider color range for true-to-life image projection, while sound enhancement technology delivers improved sound quality. The PJD5155 also features extensive connectivity including HDMI, 2 x VGA, Composite Video, S-Video, 1 x VGA output and Audio in/out. An energy-saving Dynamic Eco feature reduces power consumption by up to 70%, and extends the lamp life by up to 10,000 hours. With advanced audiovisual features, flexible connectivity options, and an affordable price, the PJD5155 is ideal for use in education and small business environments.

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  • Super Color technology delivers superior, richer colors; Up to 3300 ANSI lumen brightness and 20,000:1 contrast ratio for clear viewing even in brighter settings
  • 3D Blu-ray ready HDMI input; Choice of 5 view settings for a variety of usage scenarios
  • Enhanced sound with enlarged speaker chamber and a powerful amplifier
  • Intuitive interface includes tactile keypad, top lamp door, and optional cable management system
  • Users can control up to eight projectors in the same venue via a single remote control for easy projector selection and operation during lessons or meetings
  • With the DynamicEco button on the included remote control, users can dim the projection brightness by 70 percent
  • All LightStream projectors automatically power on for quick and easy startup whenever a VGA or HDMI cable is connected
  • With the Smart Restart feature enabled, the projector can be quickly restarted from standby mode without waiting for a power cycle to complete
  • With the Quick Power Off feature enabled, the projector can be quickly powered off in seconds rather than waiting for a cool-down cycle to complete
  • Industry-leading warranty: 3-years limited on parts and labor, 1 year on lamp, and free 1st year Express Exchange
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Color Options

  • Black
  • White
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Style Options

  • SVGA
  • XGA
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Whats in the box

  • PJD5155 projector
  • Power cable
  • VGA cable
  • Remote control with batteries
  • Quick start guide
  • ViewSonic Wizard CD (user guide)
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Choice of 5 view settings

  • Brightest: ensures crisp, clear images in environments with high ambient light
  • Dynamic: ideal for delivering presentations or text-heavy content
  • Standard: ideal for projecting content from PCs and notebooks
  • ViewMatch: ideal for everyday general viewing
  • Movie: ideal for watching movies in darkened environments
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does this projector show in 1080p?

    No. It can take a 1080p input signal, from a blu-ray for example, and then projects it at native SVGA 800 x 600 resolution.

  • What is recommended distance for projector to screen ?

    Suggest about 15 feet from the screen, as it is very bright, and it has worked well within just about 5 feet in a smaller room. Of course, you are going to get different sizes of the projected picture. Of course that is slightly adjustable also.

  • Can use to play movies in back yard during the summer nights?

    It works great at night outside, make sure you set up some of those bug zapper lights away from the projector to draw the insects over there some might be attracted to the projector light.

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