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ViewSonic VA226w

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no noticeable lag in response

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has reduced light leakage over previous models for deeper blacks

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some minor compatibility issues with certain screen resolutions on nvidia video cards

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quality through VGA port is unimpressive, needs DVI connection to display at best performance

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need to be sitting directly in front of it - other people in the room looking at it from an angle will see a washed out image

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response time of 5ms not up to hardcore video game enthusiast standards

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low contrast ratio tends to make darks seem muddy and discolored, has a hard time creating deep blacks

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05/29/2008 12:05

My wife got this one first, and I kind of liked it, it was hard for me to switch from my old 24 inch tube monitor, probably because it was so heavy to carry down the stairs hehehe. I switched it out and started out with a simple VGA cable, I wasn't too impressed by it to be honest, switched to DVI and ... it was everything I'd hope it to be. This is my first LCD monitor and I gotta say that playing games in Wide Screen adds ... a lot of more feel than playing it in thin screen. I'm a huge gamer and everything I play looks AWESOME on this, only thing i'd change is the response time. A good response time for a gamer's LCD is around 3ms, not five. Although, I have never catched the display 'sogging', 'losing' or being generally slow with the quick frame updates in my games.

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