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The ViewSonic VEB620 is one of two e-readers (VEB620, VEB625) initially released in April 2010 throughout Europe.

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"G-Sensor" component works surprisingly well - subtly adjust contrast and screen position based on unit orientation, incorporates movement-based page turning

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In-line Mp3 playback is reliable and easy to configure - excellent for users who lack a dedicated music player or want to minimize cluttering of multiple devices

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Lithium Ion battery provides excellent battery life - many users will read 10+ books before considering a recharge

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Versatile format support is a major selling point - HTML and TXT readability allows users to store and read their own text files

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Instruction manual is brief and vague - interface and controls are difficult to learn for many users

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File loading takes a very long time - most novels take several minutes to cue, as compared to the instant readability of Sony and Amazon readers

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PDF format rarely displays full page width - requires arduous zoom adjustments to sufficiently read material

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The ViewSonic VEB620 is one of two e-readers (VEB620, VEB625) initially released in April 2010 throughout Europe. Both models sport a 6” (800x600) E-Ink display with an orientation sensor that automatically rotates content. As the base unit, the VEB620 only supports a USB connection to a PC, although it does also include a headphone input and an SD card slot for external memory expansion. Featured on the unit is 2GB of internal memory, of which only 1.5GB is available for immediate use. Signature to the VEB620 is its format compatibility, as it supports MP3 music, HTML pages, epub/txt/rtf texts, and PDF documents, which is significant considering that the notorious Kindle doesn’t support PDFs.

  • E-Reader
  • Ultra-Slim/Lightweight
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • 6” E-Ink Display w/Sensor
  • Doubles as Music Player
  • Adjustable Font Sizes
  • Supports Multiple Languages
  • Left/Right, Shake Left/Right Turn Page Options
  • Search Functionality
  • USB PC Connectivity
  • Headphone Input
  • SD Memory Card Slot
  • 8000 Page Turn battery
  • Display: 6” E-Ink Panel (800x600); 16-level grey scale
  • Memory: 2GB
  • Audio: .5W Speaker
  • Formats: XML (epub, fb2), HTML (html, htm), pdf, txt, rtf, MP3
  • I/O: Mini USB 2.0, 3.5mm Headset, SD Card Slot
  • Battery: 8000 pages Refreshing
Color Variations
  • ViewSonic VEB620 White
  • ViewSonic VEB620 Black
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