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Like other models of FiveFingers, the Flow protects the feet while allowing wearers to enjoy the benefits of going barefoot.

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Full-foot coverage & ankle elastic helps keep out debris

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Experience barefoot running and walking while protecting the soles of your feet from the terrain

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Machine washable

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Warm enough to wear during fall/winter months.

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The Flow sole appears to have better traction than other Vibram models; they're the only shoes I have that I can walk across wet corrugated metal with with confidence.

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Fit (around the foot but not the toes) is a lot like the Vibram KSO.

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Very tight around the toes. More fabric needed.

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Fabric around the toes is too tight - interferes with insulation and leaves marks on skin for hours afterward.

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Takes time getting used to them

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Toe length seems to be okay, but toe width/circumference is WAY too tight.

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The Vibram FiveFingers Flow shoes are the direct descendant of the now discontinued Surge model of FiveFingers shoes, implementing Neoprene fabric to keep feet warmer in cool environments and in water. Like other models of FiveFingers, the Flow protects the feet while allowing wearers to enjoy the benefits of going barefoot.

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04/02/2009 07:36

I took two pairs of my FiveFingers hiking with me, a neoprene pair and my KSOs. The temperatures were in the 40sF though things in the shadows were frozen. My feet were very cold - until I got them wet wearing the neoprene pair. The neoprene allows water in but also traps it and uses your body warmth to warm the water and thus insulate the foot. I forded a river twice and found that I didn't get the "ice cream headache" in my bones the way I would of with no shoes at all, and once out of the water, my feet stayed toasty, even walking in the frozen shadows.

If you're a Five Fingers fan and want something a bit warmer for cooler temperatures and/or wet environs, I highly recommend a pair of Flows.

04/16/2008 07:41

I own a pair of the Surge model FiveFingers, the direct predecessor (now discontinued) to these shoes. They are my only (so far) pair of FiveFingers; I bought them specifically for the warmth and protection of the Neoprene fabric.

To specifically comment on the Neoprene, it definetly keeps your feet warm in cooler weather. As long as my feet stayed dry, I could withstand temperatures down to 14°F, though for comfort I wouldn't go much cooler than 25°F. However, temperatures in the 50°Fs were too warm for my feet and I actually sweated through the Neoprene! This is because the FiveFingers make you walk in a natural manner, causing you to use all your foot muscles, thus giving them a great workout which means lots of generated heat.

This week its been in the 20's through 40'sF and I have been wearing my Surges in snow and through puddles. The combined insulation of the Neoprene and heat from my own feet was plenty to keep my feet from freezing.

I am looking forward to ordering some KSOs to complement my Surges for warmer weather. :)

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