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The Five Fingers takes a new approach to shoes with a patent-pending design.

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Can be use for barefoot running

18 agree

Stylish alternative to lame flip flops

14 agree

alternative to shoes - great for simple strolls to the store, around the yard, etc,.

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No more foot muscle pain from bad shoes

6 agree

Fantastic workout for your calves.

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Forces you to use better walking posture.

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They look silly

11 agree

Foot odor

9 agree

May cause chafing if you have sweaty feet

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Elastic cord cuts into Achilles tendon. Better to remove the cord.

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Terrible choice for hiking

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Elastic cord length is inconsistent.

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The Five Fingers takes a new approach to shoes with a patent-pending design. It was developed as an option for people who enjoy going barefoot but still want the protection of a shoe. The low profile stretch polyamide is lightweight and resistant to cuts, while the rubber soles protect your feet and give the wearer more grip over different terrains. The Five Finger shoes have become a popular option for people who follow the pose running technique, most of whom prefer a shoe that is so low profile and unassuming that they're almost running barefoot. The Five Fingers provides a nice option in that case since it has none of the bulk of a typical running shoe while providing you with protection from sticks, glass and other hazards you may come across.

The shoe is quick drying and can be worn for a variety of activities including: yoga, pilates, sailing, kayaking, boating, running and walking. Vibram states that they are machine washable, and should be air dried. For people looking for a more secure fit with their FiveFingers should try the FiveFingers Sprint with hook-and-loop closures.

The Classic uses an elastic strap the runs the rim of the "shoe" that can be cinched at the back.  Unless being used in an active setting, this cord can be worn completely "loose" for maximum comfort.  Some even remove the elastic on Classic Five Fingers.  As Classics are open at the top, they afford ease of entry making them the most casual, sandal-like Five Fingers model.

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10/30/2010 03:02

Just picked up some #vibram_fivefingers_classic for a trip I'm taking in a couple of days. I tried them on in the store, and so far my impression is that they're pretty interesting. Having each individual toe in its own slot is something I'm not used to, so it's definitely going to take some time to get used to. I'm a little concerned that the back of the heel is going to rub against my foot so we'll see. The fit is snug, which I appreciate, should dramatically reduce/eliminate any rubbing or chaffing. Looking forward to giving them a proper test.



10/30/2010 03:53

They certainly have a unique look to them. They are described as giving people an alternative to going barefoot. I would be concerned about the lack of a cushioning on the bottom. Anytime I walk barefoot outside for an extended period of time my feet get sore. I guess it really depends on what surface your going to be walking on.



10/31/2010 05:01

I hate them shoes. I'm down with them shoes that work your calves harder, but the fingers n other stuff shoes creep me out. FYI - I'm very OCD. I wear my shoes ALL DAY LONG, except when I sleep. Then I just wear my socks.

06/13/2009 05:33

The shoes do look a little silly but, personally I could care less what my feet look like as long as I'm comfortable. I bought a pair of the fivefingers a week ago. I've been wearing them around town, the yard, house, etc.. I love the outdoors and thought this would be a great shoe for hiking, bouldering, running; things the for which fivefinger is advertised to be great. Then I decided to test the shoes after wearing them for several days. I went for a 6 mile hike. This was the biggest mistake I've made in a long time. Do not wear the Vibram FiveFingers shoe hiking. My feet (both) were covered in blisters after only 3 miles. Unfortunately, I was dumb enough not to travel with some good hiking shoes in-case the fivefingers failed me, which they did! I had to hike a very painful 3 mile back to my starting point stuck in those shoes. The fivefingers are great for casual wear and probably for swimming shoes, terrible for hiking!

03/11/2008 04:21

You think they look ridiculous ?
They are the same shape as your feet..

some of you people are talking like walking barefoot is strange.. odd..
somthing you have to work up to.

you have all been brainwashed by shoes! the worst thing to happen to the human condition! Reducing your amazing feet to stumps with laces..
Look Go barefoot once in a while.. it wouldn't kill you
you shoe brainwashed people who are afraid of your own feet

12/04/2007 11:02

I have waited for 3 months to get my exact size of the black classic style. I honestly have to say that after wearing them for a day I have remembered my right pinky toe which I had broken years ago after forgetting about it totally. Evidently, this toe's bone did not heal perfectly so all I felt was significant discomfort wearing these foot gloves. They appear to be the exact fit because I spent over an hour fitting the right size in the shoe store in nyc. I waited for black because that was the least goofy looking. I have to say these foot gloves did not feel in any way that I was going barefooted, and I can testify first hand because I DO go barefooted everywhere all year in the NJ area unless it is about the low 30's F or below and thats exactly what I bought these for. I am already fully accustomed to going barefooted so that is not the issue with getting used to the shoes. Overall, besides the right pinky toe being very uncomfortable in these, they were comfortable like wearing slippers with toe inserts. I can honestly say I can run far faster barefooted than either wearing these or any shoes as long as the pavement is reasonably smooth. I also had heel pain walking gently on pavement wearing these and mind you I walk barefooted on pavement like it was carpet. I will stick to going barefooted thanks unless I'ts cold enough to wear gloves on my hands then I shall wear my Rockports too until I can be barefooted again. I don't think they are worth the money all they are is fancy slippers with toe inserts.

10/25/2007 08:13

I don't know about running, but I would use these at the beach or park or the yard or kayaking, on a boat, jet skiing, etc. They are a bit dorky, but so am I.

10/09/2007 09:19

I decided to start running barefoot for health reasons. I kept having knee problems. I have not had any knee issues since I stopped where traditional running shoes. I ran barefoot for 3 months but the callouses and blisters were killing me and I was not looking forward to Midwest winters on bare feet. I ran into (no pun intended) the Vibram Five Fingers and the rest is history. It takes about 30 seconds for my toes to get used to the VFF's when I first put them on. After that I just run. They are great!

09/21/2007 03:22

It looks fun. Does it hurt or bend any of your toes in any way?

09/20/2007 11:19

I've been dying to talk to someone who has gone barefoot! How did you decide to make the switch? Was it difficult? Do you have tough feet?

09/20/2007 11:07

Bought the Classic Vibram FiveFingers a few months ago. I absolutely love them. I've worn them for a super rocky/muddy 10k trail run and a basic 5k run and they did great. I did run barefoot for a few months prior and couldn't get past the blisters and callouses. I bought my VFFs directly from the company and they fit perfectly. They are so perfect fitting that I ended up removing the drawstrings that wrap around the shoe because they were uncomfortable behind the toes but not anymore. I just love them. I did order black shoes and so I kind of look like I'm wearing "bear feet" when I have them on but that's ok. Also, I had kneee injuries last year while training for and running a half and whole marathon. So far no knee injuries. = )

08/09/2007 04:19

What do you mean "strong toes"? (As I crush a can of Pepsi with my toes)

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