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The newest style frim Vibram, it offers comfort along with style.

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Experience barefoot running and walking while protecting the soles of your feet from the terrain

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secure fit - able to tighten the shoe at the top and the heel

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machine washable

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Extremely flexible

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Toes that are separated instead of compressed are happy toes.

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there is so much more to these shoes than the ability to walk barefoot. they help to separate the toes, lift the arches, improving knee action and lower back fitness. the foundation of our body is on the base and these shoes make the base stronger and more flexible - a good thing!

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Makes it easier to stop heel-striking while running. Not heel-striking takes care of the risk of plantar fasciitis.

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The versatility in applications is limitless; from rock climbing to kayaking to hiking to a night out bar hoppin' after a long day at the beach. If you think of your body as a car wouldn't you want the best tires you could get?!

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Nice variety of colors to choose from, bold and subtle

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Easy to wear Injinji toe socks with for extra insulation & protection against debris

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As a karate teacher that spends hours in bare feet I hate putting shoes on, Sprints allow for that feeling I am bare foot!!! Osu!

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takes time to get used to them

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Heel construction can chafe a bit.

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The shoes tend to stink faster than regular shoes, although this is hardly a con as you can machine wash them.

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feels too tight around pinkie toe

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can give plantar fasciitis; a very painful condition of inflamation of the bottom surface of the foot. so painful, it has been misdiagnosed as a broken foot

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strap chafes when you run

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very little cushioning. not comfortable to walk, jog, or run

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The newest style frim Vibram, it offers comfort along with style. Now at a affordable price of $80.

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Eric Doucet
02/23/2011 02:45

Ive had issue with 4 pairs 1 pair bikila 3 days toes unglued. 2nd pair bikila same thing sole separate right off. for my 3rd pair i exchange for kso instead no toe separation but pull tab came stitching came apart after 2h . 4th pair kso mailed to me same size but material is so tight i manege to get foot in i can only where for 5 min and my foot goes lil numb am tired dealing with the company not sure i will buy another pair seems a lot factory defects and inconsistency i am pissed off at them and i want my money back
such peace of garbage and no i am not a spammer or getting paid for this i am a pissed off consumer and will wright this where ever i can find a revue don't buy this crap

Chris Becker
08/13/2010 02:09

the fact that Vibram added a layer of PU foam to the newest update makes me question their belief in barefoot running

07/25/2008 01:51

Vibram five fingers have changed my life! I can run now injury free!

In the past i have had a long list of bio machanical injuries which i now believe was the use of motion controlled runner's and othodics. The more i was injured the more shoes and different types of othodics i would try to compat the mounting issues with stress fractures, shin splints, major sprains, and an achillies tear. I spent a fortune on these useless things.

Then, around four months ago on a gorgeous sunny day i thought i'd take the runners off and run around an oval barefoot. To my complete suprise the more i did this the better my legs got. All the injuries went and i found that i could run everyday without a problem, but, the oval got very boring, i felt like a goldfish swimming around and around! This is when i jumped on line found the Vibram five fingers!

The first day i took my Sprint's on an 8km trail run. I wasn't expecting to go that far as this run can be quite challenging with some concrete areas. Normally in the old trainers i would be screaming in agony from shin splints, however, i had nothing but that wonderful feeling of well worked muscles! I was incredibly suprised that the lack of cushioning was not an issue running on concrete, my legs felt like little springs, and my whole running gait has changed ( i have a faster leg turn over now). The only criticism is that the Sprint's chaved my heals, i now run in the KSO's with the indinji socks without a problem! :)

For the first time in my life i feel that i can now start really training for a marathon, something i never felt would be possible!

Vibram Five Fingers have truly unleashed the inner Forrest (ett) Gump in me!


05/30/2008 11:54

I finally got my pair of Sprints today! Wow, they are SO different from the Surges! The biggest difference is that the toes ARE difficult to get on with the Sprints, whereas I had no trouble at all getting my toes into the slots of the Surge model. I think this is because the thicker neoprene of the Surges (and probably the newer Flow model) helps keep the shape of the toe slots while you put your toes in.

Everything about these shoes are thinner and more flexible than the more heavy-duty Surge (and probably Flow) model(s). Definetly breathable for the ol' feet. I got a pair of Injini socks to wear with these to help keep grit out and to keep my feet warmer in our colder Alaska weather, but even on a windy day in the 50'sF my feet were overheating. The socks fit in the shoes well, though, and prevented the heel from chafing - my only real complaint. I read that other people who have had chafing in the heel covered it with tape and then they were fine. The middle strap creates no chafing at all.

I haven't worn these in water or on any big hikes yet but I am already in love all over again with FiveFingers. Depending on how it goes with heat and debris, I will probably get a pair of KSOs next summer. (At this rate I will be buying a pair a year - geez!) At the moment I have no preference for these over my pair of Surges; its like comparing running shoes to snowboots, two items for different uses.

Oh, one other thing of note: the "red" pair of Sprints, which look orange on the website, are indeed a firetruck red and not orange at all. I was bummed about this, thinking they were on the orange side. Oh well. I certainly didn't get into FiveFingers for their looks. ;)

05/27/2008 09:40

No, the material between your toes isn't annoying. I am generally a person who cannot stand things between my toes - I refuse to wear flip-flops for that reason and have never liked toe socks. Though it can take practice for some individuals to get their toes into the "correct" slots with FiveFingers, oddly enough the sensation of there being anything between the toes disappears. I think it may have to do with the way your feet spread naturally when not bound up in shoes - the toes spread a bit more, allowing space for the material of the shoes. I have a pair of the thick Neoprene FiveFingers and half the time I forget I have anything on my feet at all, much less between my toes. :)

05/26/2008 05:10

I recently purchased a pair of the Vibram Five Fingers Sprint shoes at the Mountain Equipment Co-Op in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

Although these shoes have a very cool and unusual look, they are certainly not for use around the office.

They are extremely comfortable and pretty well true to size. I take a size 41 Birkenstock shoe, and a size 41 Vibram FiveFingers. I do get a lot of positive comments on th e trail about them.

They are exactly what the reviews say. They are incredibly light, very comfortable and most of the time you don't know you're wearing shoes at all. You can feel the entire ground texture and even temperatures on rocks in the cold and in the warmth.

If you are into barefoot hiking or just want to know what it's like to hike barefoot without having to get toughened leather feet, these shoes are for you. The are not cushioned or padded in any way, so for people who don't go barefoot, the will certainly be an unusual experience.

The soles are very sticky when it comes to climbing rocks and hills and loose gravel as well.

It is certainly worth the time to try these shoes out. I think I would trade most of my hiking shoes and sandals for fivefingers if I could.

03/22/2008 10:54

I have both the sprint and the classic. I love them both. Its amazing how comfortable they are doing just about anything.

02/15/2008 07:49

Does the material between your toes get annoying?

11/22/2007 01:56

KD1964 there is no cushion in these shoes. Just cloth and a thin piece of rubber. It is about the closest you can come to actual barefoot running. I have friends that were not comfortable barefooting it tell me that they liked the Nike Free. Just too much cushion for me.

10/24/2007 10:11

The importance of simulating a barefoot experience can not be overstated. Research indicates foot and back problems result from the continual weakening of foot strength brought about by too much artificial support.

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