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It is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Vestax that offers a step-down from the company's PMC 06-ProVCA model.

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rarely needs maintenance, fairly easy to replace the occasional fader

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well laid out controls, very easy to use and make adjustments on the fly

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faders have smooth action, nice feel

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compact design, light, easy to carry around from one place to the next

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mic line tends to be distorted and stay that way for a few seconds before it clears up

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sound can be low and stuffy, a little distortion noticeable

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can't switch channels between phono and line modes

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only bass and treble EQ on each channel, no cut

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The PMC-05ProIII VCA is a two-channel disc jockey mixer from Vestax that offers a step-down from the company's PMC 06-ProVCA model. Modelled after the company's classic ProII model, this product includes a number of updated features that can provide a smooth and function live mixing experience. Each channel features two-band isolated equalization, with an added technology that maintains gain levels throughout high and low frequency adjustment for consistent high-quality output. A comprehensive send/receive system allows for seamless integration of stereo effects, with individual on/off and gain controls for each channel. Separate Master and Cue switches are included for monitor selection and to ensure that left/right signals are being properly sent, a feature that is especially beneficial for DJ's who frequently record their live sets. Heavy duty channel switches are included that are designed to absorb the often rough treatment that a mixer will undergo in a live setting, and the rotary pot knobs are fitted with an improved grip design for precision controlling. In addition, the ProIII features an increased decibel range in it's low-frequency bass sweeper, allowing for a more dynamic and musical performance. 

  • Silver/Black aesthetic
  • PGM1 and PGM2 routing options
  • PCV crossfader
  • Stereo effect sending
  • Double-panel faceplate
  • Maximized battle space
  • External effector support
  • Master/Cue select function
  • PGM switches
  • Rotary pot knobs
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