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It is the tagline explaining the svelte appearance of Vertu's TI from the Ascent 2010 collection.

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Global network compatible, has quadband GSM and CDMA, can be used at most place in the world

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4GB of internal memory is plenty, can store many photos and contacts

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Uses the stable, albeit limited Symbian 40 operating system

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Premium build quality and materials, metals, leather, tough and durable glass display

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Not just built for looks, it is cladded with titanium and is extremely durable

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Designed and aimed at a niche market, no consumers in their right mind will pay such a price for what is essentially a feature phone with premium materials

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Heavy, bulky, won't sit well in your pocket

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Not S60 OS? It offers much more features than S40

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Exterior design isn't for everyone, too flashy

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"Inspired by the sculptural lines of big-engined supercars" is the tagline explaining the svelte appearance of Vertu's TI from the Ascent 2010 collection. And while the TI is a scaled-down model of other Vertu super luxury cellphones (such as the Ascent 2010 headliner of the collection) it also hints at the type of circles in which the owners of this cellphone would be moving, as well as why it comes loaded with features including incredible data storage capacity, cutting edge construction, and Vertu's signature extras. The TI has a 4GB capacity, which equates to 1500 contacts, 1500 calendar notes, and 1000 SMS. It also has a 3 mega-pixel camera, alarm clock, calculator, MMS, Email, and text messaging with multi-language predicative text software. Housing the hardware is a titanium construction with sapphire crystal coating for the 240 x 340 pixel screen. Stainless steel forms the keys, and an ear pillow of the same type of ceramic that protects the Space Shuttle softens the TI's sides. Also included for Vertu buyers are the exclusive services of Vertu Fortress (which backs up user contacts and calendar notes) and Vertu Concierge, which provides a personal services ranging from shopping to technical expertise.

  • 2" scratch-resistant 240 x 320 pixel display
  • 4 GB storage
  • Max. 1500 contacts, 1500 calendar notes and 1000 SMS
  • 3 MP camera
  • Multi-language predicative text function
  • Titanium frame
  • Sapphire crystal coating
  • Ceramic ear pillow
  • Vertu Concierge and Vertu Fortress services included
  • Up to 5h (2G, 3h for 3G) of talk time and 400h standby time
  • Available in a variety of metal types and leather colours
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