The Verde Radia is a Mid End BMX Bicycle.

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The Verde Radia is a Mid End BMX Bicycle.  Due to the matching tire sizes for the rear and forward wheels, the Radia is a perfectly balanced bike in both weight and standing measurements.  The frame of the bike is 100% Chromoly with Integrated Pivotal and Replaceable Brake Mounts, while the fork is also 100% Chromoly with Integrated Bearing Race and Tapered Legs.  The tires for the Radia are Duo Stunner 2.20 inches and the rims are Cinema 777 Double Walled.  A Verde Pivotal seat sits atop an Integrated seatpost, and a Chromoly handlebar with an 8 inch rise tops the structure.  The brake system for the Radia is an Alloyed U-Brake with Medium Length Alloyed levers.  The bike chain is a Black Coated, Taya Teflon design with 3-Piece Tubular Chromoly 175mm, Heat Treated crank arms.

The balanced nature of this bike ensures a more reliable platform for aerial tricks and off road experiences.  All Verde models are built with high quality materials, and except for the chain, will stand up to large amounts of punishment and severe weather conditions.  The Verde Radia comes in the colours Chrome or Black.

Key Features
  • Tires:   Duo Stunner 2.20"
  • Rims:   Cinema 777 Double Walled
  • Frame:   100% Chromoly w/ Integrated Pivotal and Replaceable Brake Mounts
  • Fork:   100% Chromoly w/ Integrated Bearing Race and Tapered Legs
  • Seat Post:   Integrated
  • Seat:   Verde Pivotal
  • Handle Bar:   Chromoly w/ 8" Rise
  • Brakes:    Alloyed U-Brakes
  • Levers:   Medium Length Alloy
  • Chain:   Black Coated, Taya Teflon
  • Crankarm:   3-Piece Tubular Chromoly 175mm, Heat Treated
  • Colours:   Chrome / Black
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