Uniden BEARCAT CB Radio With Sideband And WeatherBand.

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Communicate with others while you're out on the road with the Uniden Bearcat 880 CB Radio. Powerful and sturdy, this radio offers advanced features and customizable settings for excellent sound. The backlit display with large type is easy to read, even in the dark. With this radio, you never have to miss another transmission, even when you are driving.

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  • Stay connected on the road with this CB radio!
  • Features Weatherband with Alert, AM/SSB Sideband capability.
  • Seven (7) Color Selectable Display! Includes Noise Canceling Microphone, Mounting Bracket and Power Cord.
  • Built in Signal and SWR Meter. Full Frequency Display, PA Function, Noise Blanker, Mic & RF Gain controls & More!
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Style Options

  • 980 CB Radio
  • 880 CB Radio
  • 680 CB Radio
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Noise-Canceling Mic for Clear Sound

The Uniden CB radio's six-pin microphone has a noise-canceling feature, so the person you're talking to can hear you clearly. Enjoy crisp, clear communication without static. You can also use the radio with a wireless microphone for even more freedom.

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Stay Safe and Informed with NOAA Weather Alerts

This Uniden CB radio comes with NOAA weather channel access, so you can stay on top of changing weather conditions and receive alerts about severe weather. The radio also comes with the public address feature. If you choose, the emergency channel can be automatically available.

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Colorful Display for High Visibility

The Uniden CB display features a seven-color backlight display for easy viewing. The colorful display makes it easy to read and adjust settings, while still keeping your focus on your driving. The radio also features a dimmer switch that lets you change the display intensity from day to night.

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Integrated SWR Meter and Diagnostics

Keep your CB station performing at its best using the CB's built-in SWR meter. Also, check for common faults using the Bearcat 880's integrated diagnostic modes.

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Microphone Settings for Best Sound

This radio's multiple adjustments allow you to fine tune the signal and sound, for excellent clarity. Change the squelch control settings and the ANL/Noise option to reduce static and enjoy clear sound. Adjust the microphone gain to control the mic sensitivity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the typical range ?

    Typically only a few miles+. Range is usually dependent on the type of antenna used and terrain.

  • Does it have a built in speaker?

    YES it does. It also as an external (out) speaker jack.

  • I am looking to use this radio both in my personal vehicle and work truck, can it be used in a 12 V plug?

    It has just raw ends so you'd have to attach your own 12v plug and buy another mounting bracket, and you'd have to unscrew the antenna each time but yes, you could move it between vehicles.

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