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The UA Proto Speed III is a performance training shoe from Under Armour and is an upgrade to the Proto Speed II.

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very responsive to your movements, no energy lost

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easy to slip into and out of

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durable enough to see heavy use in rough conditions without showing wear

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great traction over all kinds of surfaces

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breathable mesh keeps feet cool and dry

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compact shoe doesn't feel like there's a lot of bulk under the heel or forefoot

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not much arch support, can wear out your feet

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tend to constrict the toes when used for longer runs

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The UA Proto Speed III is a performance training shoe from Under Armour and is an upgrade to the Proto Speed II.  The shoe is designed with a TPU reinforced performance mesh to make it lightweight and breathable and has integrated strategic vent zones to keep the foot cool.  It features ArmourBound cushioning, laterally-positioned ArmourLastic inserts for lateral shock absorption, and an ArmourGuide cradle which provides efficiency and propulsion.  The UA Proto Speed III includes Cartilage 1 and 2 technology which allows for better cushioning and protection of the foot at impact.  It also has a ventilated internal footsleeve, anti-odor technology, and a HeatGear lined upper to keep the foot ventilated and dry.  The shoe is available in men's and women's sizes and colors and has a suggested retail price of $90.

  • HeatGear Lined Upper
  • Ventilated Internal Footsleeve
  • ArmourBound Technology
  • Cartilage 1 & 2 Technology
  • Directional Cushioning Engineering
  • Lateral ArmourLastic Inserts
  • TPU Reinforced Performance Mesh
  • Anti-Odor Technology
  • ArmourGuide Technology
  • Non-Marking Rubber Outsole
Available Men's Colors
  • Silver and Black
  • Silver and Black
  • Silver and Graphite
  • White and Silver
  • Black
  • Silver and Black
Available Women's Colors
  • Silver
  • Black
  • White and Graphite
  • Silver
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