The UA Illusion is a performance trail running shoe from Under Armour and is Under Armour's most breathable shoe.

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The UA Illusion is a performance trail running shoe from Under Armour and is Under Armour's most breathable shoe.  The shoe is designed for runners that have medium arches and mild overpronation with structural cushioning that provides lightweight stability and foot-strike efficiency.  It features ArmourBound cushioning, laterally-positioned ArmourLastic inserts for shock absorption, and an ArmourGuide cradle which provides efficiency and propulsion.  The UA Illusion includes mid-volume Cartilage Precision Handling technology for improved stabilization and propulsion and smooth transition technology which provides better stability.  It also has a HeatGear system and a ventilated internal footsleeve to keep the foot cool and dry.  The shoe is available in both men's and women's sizes and colors and has a suggested retail price of $95.

  • Mid-Volume Cartilage Precision Handling Technology
  • DCE System
  • Structural Cushioning Design
  • ArmourLastic, ArmourGuide, and ArmourBound Technology
  • Ventilated Internal Footsleeve
  • HeatGear System
  • Built-in Strategic Ventilation
  • Smooth Transition Technology
  • Weight: 332g
Available Men's Colors
  • Black and Red
  • Midnight Navy and Silver
  • Taxi and Black
  • Black and Black
  • Silver and Red
  • Royal and Royal
  • Smoked Pearl and Red
  • Black and Red
  • Black and Koi
  • Black and Black
  • White and Royal
Available Women's Colors
  • Oasis and Coast
  • Graphite and White
  • Black and True Pink
  • White and Pink
  • Silver and Bluebell
  • Midnight Navy
  • Graphite and Coral
  • White and Rosewood
  • Black and Silver
  • White and Smoked Pearl
  • White and Jasmine Pink
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