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The Triple. Fi 10vi utilizes the same 3-driver design as found in Ultimate Ears top UE10 custom design.

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superior sound quality to stock buds and the majority of buds found on the market

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can be used with any range of sources and amplification - including every day personal media players such as iPods

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fair amount of isolation - perfect for use in louder places without completely being taken out of your surroundings

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same internal system as what was once considered the undisputed best IEM in the world (UE-10)

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2-year warranty

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Replaceable cable

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very expensive

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Hard to insert into the ears, requires both hands to insert. Fit is not comfortable even with different buds.

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not as comfortable or as isolating as a custom fitted IEM (such as the much more expensive UE-10, or a similarly priced Freq)

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Relatively fragile: Controls highly susceptible to water damage, memory wire around the ears tends to poke through the rubber casing and cable snaps relatively easily if accidentally tugged.

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should be driven out of a dedicated amp with a better source than the every-day portable media player for best sound quality (will disable microphone functionality)

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Launched in early December 2008, the Triple.Fi 10vi replace the 5vi as the highest quality Ultimate Ears earphone with a built in microphone for use with mobile phones. Featuring the guts of the Triple.Fi 10 Pro, the Triple.Fi 10vi utilizes the same 3-driver design as found in Ultimate Ears top UE10 custom design - for only a fraction of the price. The built in microphone, which is designed for use with the iPhone and 3.5mm Blackberry bumps the price up $20 (like any other vi model) - bringing the full price of the Triple.Fi 10vi to a rather lofty $420.

  • Frequency Response: 10-17000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 ohms
  • Isolation: -26dB
  • Plug type: 1/8" (mini)
  • Driver technology: 3-driver armature
  • Warranty: 2 years
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