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The Ultimate Ears Super. Fi 5 Pro is a universal earphone.

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Very good sound isolation, nearly everything from the outside world is muted with these headphones in your ears.

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Above average sound quality, but can be muddy in comparison with other headphones of similar price range.

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Bass is there and can output low frequency sounds, but bass always seems empty and lacks a noticeable "punch." Not as great as expected for the price.

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Hard carrying case is sleek and very stylish. In addition, it is very durable and has good build quality. Serves its purpose well, but can be a pain to carry around due to its size.

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Wire, although relatively decent in strength, is made of odd material that has a strong chemical odor, and contorts to annoying forms very easily.

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Foam eartips are very low grade and extremely disappointing.

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Bound for breakage and potential defective soldering in the left earbud. As with what happened with my pair, and with the pairs of others on the web, the left earbud becomes detached completely, and parts of the insides (including the soldering) are ripped out. Left earbud, by itself, is not sold as a replacement; this type of damage is extremely easy to encounter, not necessarily due to rough handling or misuse.

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Design is odd, the look is not sleek and, to some, may even be repulsive.

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Annoying shape and size, can be a pain to put in and out.

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The Ultimate Ears 5 Pro is a universal earphone. With the same sonic signature as the professional custom series (the UE-5 Pro is based on this model), the 5 Pro is a very musical, bass full IEM. Featuring a 2-driver armature design, the 5 Pro can reproduce the same frequencies full sized headphones can. Like most high quality, low impedance IEMs, the 5 Pro improves with a good source and dedicated amplifier to sound its best. A great price:performance point in the UE line-up, the 5 Pro are a popular IEM for aspiring audiophiles on-the-go. At $249.99, these are a great option for high fidelity travel and on-the-go listening, with a decent amount of background noise isolation. Comes in black, clear, and white.

  • Frequency Response: 10-16000 Hz
  • Impedance: 21 ohms
  • Isolation: -26dB
  • Plug type: 1/8" (mini)
  • Driver technology: 2-driver armature
  • Warranty: 2 years
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