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The bag is 30% larger with an additional 260 sq. Inches of hitting surface over other traditional boxing training bags.

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good size and weight - long and heavy enough for a variety of strikes (low kicks and knees, powerful elbows)

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can also be used for ground and pound, throws, etc...

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improves strength, cardio and MMA skills

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quality construction - durable

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made in the USA

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official / authentic UFC branding

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requires a large dedicated space and a very strong mounting mechanism

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difficult to set-up alone

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The UFC MMA training bag is a high quality hitting bag designed for those training for boxing or martial arts, or simply for fitness oriented individuals looking to add an excellent dynamic to their workouts. This product is manufactured by the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), the most popular mixed martial arts organization in the world.  The bag is 30% larger with an additional 260 sq. inches of hitting surface over other traditional boxing training bags. The much larger surface area allows for a variety of different strikes and kicks making it ideal for mixed martial arts training. The bag   weighs 100lbs making it suitable for high duty use and punishment. The interior is filled with synthetic fiber and supported by a solid steel chain assembly for excellent balance and stability. The bag’s exterior consists of a durable vinyl cover to prevent wear and tear. The bag is available with a red and white logo on a plain black finish or a black and white logo on a camo pattern design for a MSRP of $189.99


•  30% larger than traditional bags (Additional 260 sq inches surface area)
•  100 lb weight facilitates heavy duty use
•  Built to MMA specifications
•  Quality laminated fully-weaved vinyl cover
•  Professionally packed to be well balanced, reduce sway
•  Includes galvanized hanging chain and swivel assembly
•  Available in black/red or camo
•  UFC logo/branding

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