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Your Shape Fitness Evolved is a Kinect-based fitness game for Xbox 360 released in November 2010.

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amazing presentation, makes it feel like you're working out in the future

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gym classes (cardio boxing and Zen Tai Chi/Yoga) are a good extension to the set programs

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tracks your body quite well

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tracking system is a good motivator for continuing to work out day after day

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mini games are actually a lot of fun

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workouts are available for people of all fitness levels

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lots of variety in activities

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more workouts available through downloadable content

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soundtrack is really good and workouts go with the beat which is a nice touch

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calorie tracker while working out is a great motivator

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good selection of workout routines that actually make you sweat

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workout programs don't change their daily routines, it's just the same 10-15 minute workout 12 days in a row which can get boring

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some tracking issues with specific moves, namely the lunges

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requires A LOT of space

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extra workouts cost extra money

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menu navigation can be inconsistent

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Your Shape Fitness Evolved is a Kinect-based fitness game for Xbox 360 released in November 2010. Unlike EA Sports and Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, Your Shape Fitness is more fun friendly. It includes family-friendly mini-games and a personal trainer designed to help the user meet their specific fitness goals. Also featured is yoga, martial arts, and a real-time precise tracking system that offers immediate feedback for everything done. There isn’t advanced performance tracking (Ultimate) or a heart-rate monitor (EA). Overall critics say Your Shape Fitness Evolved is like watching a fitness-channel program, but with added interactive elements.

  • Fitness Game
  • Kinect Control
  • User Body Motion
  • Family Friendly
  • Mini-Games
  • Interactive Personal Trainer
  • Yoga / Martial Arts
  • Real-Time Tracking w/Live Feedback
  • Customizable At-Home Workouts
  • Sleeve-Busting Arms Workout
  • Ultimate Men’s Fat Loss Workout
  • Perfect Legs and Butt Workout
  • Toned Arms and Shoulders Workout
  • Skinny Jeans Workout
Post Review
11/29/2010 06:47
#your_shape_fitness_evolved alright, I just did another workout, this time I had my heart rate monitor on to see the accuracy of the game, and to also gauge just how good of a workout I'm actually getting.

15 minute program: Game says 75 calories. Heart rate monitor says 230.
Tai Chi program: Game says 7 calories. Heart rate monitor says 100.

So obviously either the game is dramatically undercounting the calories burned, or my heart rate monitor is overcounting. Considering my monitor is touching my chest and measuring my actual heart rate, I'm inclined to go with that.

So the two takeaways are that the game is really undercounting calories burned, and it's actually giving a really good workout! Looking at my heart rate it was consistently above the 80% range, and often in the 90%+

It's not as hardcore as something like #p90x or Insanity, but it's pretty damn good.

Overall my heart rate monitor for the 36 minutes I worked out says I burned 560 calories (I did the training program twice). Not bad at all.
11/28/2010 12:23
#your_shape_fitness_evolved just spent an hour with this and burned 200 calories. This was between a mix of different activities. Doing an actual "workout" activity I burned 76 calories in 14 minutes, which actually isn't too bad.
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