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From the creators of Killer 7, No More Heroes takes place in the town of Santa Destroy.

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Combat is fun

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Very stylized graphics

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Filled with EXCELLENT references to 8-bit gaming

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Many fun side missions and items to purchase throughout the game

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Good sense of humour

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Open world could be improved

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Can get repetitive

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Some small glitches with camera angles, gettin stuck etc...

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From the creators of Killer 7, No More Heroes takes place in the town of Santa Destroy. You play as Travis Touchdown, who is on a quest to get money so he can buy videogames. When he wins a beam katana through an online auction and uses the weapon to begin a career as a proffessional killer. One day an assasin named Helter Skelter shows up and they face off. Travis emerges victorious and is informed by a mysterious french women named Silvia Christel that he is the #11 ranked assasin in an organization known as the UAA.

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Special K
07/06/2008 06:12

I have to admit, I freakin' love this game. Sure, the graphics aren't nearly as polished as games like GTA for the other consoles, but the fun game play will easily distract you from the graphics (which are actually pretty good for a Wii game). The intentional low-fi 8-bit style menus, maps and music definately strike a chord with the old skool gaming fan. And you gotta love being able to dismember, decapitate or cut people in half using a light-saber, and not worry about "joining the dark side". Is this the best game for the Wii?? No. Is it worth the purchase?? Most definately. Do I like answering my own questions? Yes.

02/01/2008 10:10

This game is actually one of the few Wii titles I'm looking forward to. Suda51 and the Grasshopper team make some truly psychadelic games that are unlike anything else. I even liked Killer7 despite the game's many short comings. The crazy style, offbeat stories, and not-broken gameplay really interest me from an academic perspective to see how far games can be pushed.

Approaching the game with such a heady perspective definitely isn't what your average gamer does though, so it's understandable why Suda51's games don't reach much commercial success. HOWEVER, this is one of the only Wii exclusive hardcore games developed by a 3rd party. If any Wii owning hardcore gamers want to see MORE 3rd party exclusives, they better damn well buy THIS game.

02/01/2008 09:32

With names like Travis Touchdown, and the fact that in the videogame you are trying to buy video games, this game already annoys me. Glad I didn't buy a Wii.

01/29/2008 10:31

looks really interesting, but the pics on IGN make the graphics look fairly blocky - is this just the preview pics or is that how the game will look? If so I expected more of a next gen console, even the Wii.

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