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Driver: San Francisco is the sequel to 2006's poorly-received Driver: Parallel Lines.

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Plenty of improvements over the previous Driver game.

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Realistic driving locations based on San Francisco

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Wide range of multi-player game modes

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Cars are highly configurable

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Allow players to freely roam the city with over 208 miles of road

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130 fully destructible muscle and super cars

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Questionable story line with all the driving done in the main character's dream

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No longer a top tier game the Driver series was once known for

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Driver: San Francisco is the sequel to 2006's poorly-received Driver: Parallel Lines. Since then the game has changed developers and publishers, and has been redesigned from the ground up. The game takes place slightly after the end of Driv3r, and the protagonist, John Tanner goes into a coma after crashing while chasing his former comrade Charles Jericho through San Francisco. The game takes place in Tanner's coma dreamworld, which gives the player and developer more freedom than before, and allows there to be features such as "Shift," which is instant car switching while driving. Shift switches into a top-down mode, where the player picks a new car from other cars on the road. Shift then physically changes the location of the player into the new car, allowing it to be used as a travel and strategic mechanic. Because of this feature, none of the game is on-foot, and that function has been removed altogether. Also new to the franchise is the online multiplayer, which has several modes and supports up to eight people.

  • Sanbox San Fransico environment
  • Over 280 miles of road
  • "Shift" car switching
  • Dreamworld allows for weird physics
  • Online multiplayer
  • All driving, no walking
  • Redesigned from ground up
  • Sequel to Driv3r
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