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Turtle Beach's Ear Force X31 is a set of gaming headphones designed for the XBOX 360.

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Battery life is fantastic (about 20 hours of use).

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40mm drivers provide improved mids and highs, clarity over previous models (X1, X3).

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2.4ghz RF wireless ensures good signal strength as well as range.

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Chat Boost is very helpful for online play, especially in a team setting.

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The earcup material will leave a black ring around your ears after longer periods of play.

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MSRP is a little higher than it should be based on similar headsets on the market.

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"Stereo Widening" function doesn't seem to do anything but make getting at the Bass Boost function take longer (both features are engaged with the same button).

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Turtle Beach's Ear Force X31 is a set of gaming headphones designed for the XBOX 360. This model builds on the older X1, the main upgrade being that this model uses a wireless RF adapter (included) that plugs into the XBOX to eliminate the cord. The sound quality is also improved over the X1, and there is a new "chat boost" feature that increases the volume of chatter when the game suddenly gets louder. These headphones combine chat and game sound in one, silencing the TV to others nearby but still allowing chat communication. Other features include mic monitoring, separate volume controls for chat and game stereo, and eliminating game sound from the mic's input.

  • Combines game and chat audio
  • Wireless RF transmitter
  • Improved sound quality over X1 model
  • ChatBoost automatically adjusts chat volume
  • Separate volume controls
  • XBOX Live compatible
  • Deep bass
  • Reduces game sound mic input
  • Lightweight
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