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The Sound card is required to use the 5.1 system, but only needs a USB port to connect to a computer.

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feels very comfortable even after hours of wearing it

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mic works well, transmits your voice very clearly

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provides a great stereo near-surround experience, can hear people sneaking up on you

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EQ allows you to shape the sound to a very satisfying experience

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sturdy construction not likely to break from normal use

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headphones connect to the sound card with a proprietary port, can't use them with anything else

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needs a fast USB port or the sound cuts off intermittently

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driver doesn't always work well with all VOIP applications, sometimes takes some tweaking

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Turtle Beach's Ear Force AK-R8 system includes both a set of headphones and a portable sound card for use with any desktop or laptop PC. The headphones are a full 5.1 channel surround-sound set, with 4 drivers in each earcup - each has a subwoofer, front, centre and surround channel. The Sound card is required to use the 5.1 system, but only needs a USB port to connect to a computer, and the headphones then connect via a jack directly to the sound card. The sound card uses digital signal processing and has several environment presets, and includes a software control panel to change the volume of each individual channel. The set also features a microphone and allows room monitoring while wearing the headphones. The mic itself is removable. This headphone set, of course, also works with media other than video games and is thus targeted at those who desire a multi-channel set for DVD or other media formats.

  • Full 5.1 Channel surround sound
  • 4 drivers per earcup (Subwoofer, centre, front, surround)
  • Included portable USB sound card
  • Digital signal processing
  • Surround presets
  • Software control panel
  • Removable microphone
  • Microphone room monitoring
  • Large-diaphragm front and sub drivers
  • Portable
  • Ideal for any PC/laptop media, not just gaming
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