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Also included is a 2-way, manual pitch control chute that can be rotated up to 200 degrees.

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Large amount of forward gears helps to effectively handle a variety of situations - higher gears are great for smaller amounts of snow that handled by "walking" the unit

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Push-button electric starter is highly functional - minimizes downtime for users who are frequently stopping and restarting

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Joystick-style chute control is fantastic - fast, one-handed adjustability is markedly better than standard crank-based units

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15-inch tires provide excellent balance and stability - ideal for thick, heavy snowblowing applications

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Lifespan is seemingly poor - many users report abrupt mechanical failure and/or loss of engine compression within as little as one year

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Skid shoe components cause more harm than they prevent - very difficult to adjust, and likely to get caught in most sidewalk cracks

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Unit is very heavy - requires approximately the same amount of force as a snow shovel, and is therefore not recommended for older users

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"One-handed operation" is not as easy as advertised - skidding and uneven drive wheels require both hands on the blower at all times

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The Troy-Bilt Storm 2620 is a professional-grade 26” two-stage snow thrower that builds from the 2410 model by incorporating a 2-way joystick control for one-hand turning. Also included is a 2-way, manual pitch control chute that can be rotated up to 200 degrees. Featured is a 208cc OHV 4-cycle engine that works with the 12” serrated steel auger and impeller to march through large mounds of snow. Also included is a push-button electric start system with a recoil backup, and standard handlebars with no heating. Though the 2620 is advertised as being a one-handed unit, many reviewers recommend using two hands due to the dragging skids and uneven pull from the drive wheels. Note also that the tires are known to spin in extremely deep and wet snow.

  • Single-Stage Snow Thrower
  • 26” Clearing Width
  • 21” Intake Height
  • 208cc OHV 4-cycle Troy-Bilt Engine
  • Push-Button Electric Start w/Recoil Backup
  • 2-Way Joystick Control
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • 6 Forward / 2 Reverse Speeds
  • 12” Serrated Steel Auger & Impeller
  • 200-Degree, 2-Way Manual Pitch Control Chute Rotation
  • Standard Handle Grips
  • Dual X-Trac Tires
  • In-Dash Headlights
  • Standard Skid Shoes
  • 2 Quart Fuel Capacity
  • 2-Year Limited Warranty
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