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The Pure DLX Trike from Trek has a womens frame and 3 x 17'' wheels giving stability, comfort.

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This Pure DLX Trike from Trek has a womens frame and 3 x 17" wheels giving stability, comfort and a ride that is low to the ground. With a large basket over the rear of the trike and 3 gears, this trike is practical for recreational riding around town but also equipped for cycle trails in the country.

Riding a trike makes it possible to come to a stop whilst only putting one foot on the ground. The low riding postition makes mounting and dismounting easier and the whole ride is more balanced being on 3 wheels. The frame is made of Trek's Alpha White Aluminium making it strong and durable but also lightweight. This trike features a front V-brake and coaster rear brake, with a parking brake for added security when parked on slopes. The 3 speeds are controlled by a Sturmey-Archer shifter and make riding easier on hills or with a full basket.  With a comfortable Bontrager saddle and alloy wheels and Bontrager tires, this Pure DLX Trike will make riding smoother, easier and fun in town and country alike.

  • Trike design with womens frame
  • 17" wheels
  • Sturmey-Archer shifter
  • 3 speed gears
  • Trek's Alpha White Aluminium frame
  • Sturmey-Archer read derailleur
  • Parking brake
  • front V-brake, coaster rear brake
  • Bontrager saddle
  • alloy wheels
  • large basket
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