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The Trek Lime is a 3-speed automatic Bike, featuring the Shimano Coasting gear system.

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3-speed automatic Shimano Coasting gear system

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Storage compartment in the seat

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Puncture resistant tires

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Available in His and Hers

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Automatic shifting...SUCKS!

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Past the age of 10, most people don't ride bicycles. Crazy, yes, but that's what the statistics say. To combat bicycle apathy manufacturers are releasing casual bikes meant to appeal to people that just want to bike around their neighbourhood for fun. Trek bikes, one of the world's largest bike manufacturers seeks to engage the lapsed biker with the Trek Lime.

The design of the bike is about making a statement and being simple with no hassle. The main feature of the bike is the Shimano Coasting gear system. A generator on the front wheel (hidden by the bulbous hub) powers an electric shifter that automatically adjusts to achieve the optimal pedal power. The Trek Lime is a 3-speed automatic. Raleigh and Giant are the other two manufacturers that are licensed to include the Coasting system on their bikes.

Other features that Trek has included to make this bike more convenient is a storage compartment underneath the seat which has enough room to house the essentials such as a wallet and quintessential iPod. The tires are puncture resistant so they are far less susceptible to popping due to nails and glass, and should last longer from regular wear and tear.

Lime comes in four different variations. His, His Lite, Hers, and Hers Lite. Each variation has its own colour pattern to distinguish it from the other versions. The Lite versions are priced at $499, while the non-Lite versions run at $579. A variety of customization options are available which allow you to add fenders, a bell, and a biking computer to track speed and distance.

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02/22/2012 01:10

The best way to conduct this is by joining a group museum tour where there will be an instructor to guide and give you bits of information that will help your child.

05/24/2008 10:06

I've had the lime lite for 2 weeks, and it's great. What a great idea. About to purchase another for husband. Bought it to ride around bike trails and neighborhood with 5 year old. Also, bought the trek float for 5 year old, very best way for little one's to learn to ride and enjoy, yeah, no training wheels!

12/17/2007 01:53

I have been riding my Lime for a week now. It rocks! Living near the beach, I was simply going to get a single speed beach cruiser. The terrain is relatively flat. But, there are some inclines in the neighborhood and the low 1st gear makes them effortless.

Not being afraid of shifting gears, or hand brakes, this bike visually appealed to me because of it's stark simplicity. It looks like a bare-bones generic bike, and should appropriately have one of those generic grocery store labels that says, "Bicycle". Without any brake levers, cables, and multiple chain sprockets it appears and functions as easy as it looks.

The automatic shifting works really well. It's also easily user adjustable by turning a simple screw on the computer module, (mounted underneath the crank). You can set it so that it waits until you are peddling madly to shift to the next gear. Or, you can set it to smoothly shift as you slowly pick up speed. Most people will likely set it somewhere in between to their personal preference.

05/02/2007 03:43

Sometimes, I pretend that I'm a pelican. I'm always like "Squak, Squak, where's ma' fish, biatch!!!" Other times, I pretend that I'm a creepy clown. I just want to hide in your closet and giggle uncontrollably all night long.

04/11/2007 12:24

I think you need a Corona to go with your Lime... ;-) I'm not particularly fond of the design, but I could see older people living in communities(not retirement homes btw) buying this to have it to cruise around and talk about how cool their unique bike is.

04/04/2007 04:08

I think a cruiser should be bare-bones in terms of technical stuff.....back-pedal crank brakes, one gear, sweet fat seat, nice curvy handlebars...and nice style. Pefect for cruising on a lazy Sunday or commuting to work in work clothes you dont want to get messed up or dirty. I think fenders would be a necessity in that case. I am actually looking for a basic cruiser to take to work.

04/04/2007 03:25

You've got to love the cruiser bike. I'm undecided if all the tech associated with the gear changes hurts the cruiser concept. Biking made simple. However, if it's seamlessly integrated, the auto-shifting would be nice on inclines. Try taking a Cruiser up any sort of hill and you'll know what I mean.

04/04/2007 11:50

I already have a cruising bike (single speed) but the automatic shifting has me interested. If the system is unreliable then I'd imagine it would be a huge mess to repair and cost a boat load.

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