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The Trek Soho is the base model in Treks Soho line of urban bikes named after the famous SoHo district in Manhattan.

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Versatile and is suitable for a variety of biking conditions

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Looks very attractive

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Belt drive for cleaner and more silent ride than bike chain

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Roller brakes perform consistently in all weather conditions.

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8-Speed drive train

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9-speed transmission is more reliable and durable than 10-speed, and means less wheel dish

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Tires are extremely durable and long lasting

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Internal hub gearing - cleaner, less maintenance (also required for gearing w/ belt drive)

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fantastic concept more versatile than a single speed and more practical than a 27 speed.

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High quality, light weight, non-corrosive (aluminum) frame.

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Affordable for high-grade aluminum frame and a belt drive with several gears.

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Expensive for the market

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Only a 9-speed

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the colors available. A nice all black would be great.

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Roller brakes are weaker than several alternatives.

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Jack of all trades, but master of none

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The Trek Soho is the base model in Treks Soho line of urban bikes named after the famous SoHo district in Manhattan. This line is designed for style, comfort and utility and is an ideal choice for the hardcore commuter. It uses all weather hardware such as roller disc brakes and built-in fenders for use in any weather conditions. Brake cables travel through the bike's frame for a cleaner look. The Trek Soho uses a belt-drive system rather than typical bike chain eliminating the frustrations associated with chains such as lubrication and chain jams. The belt in made from a carbon fiber composite which prevents stretching and its lightweight design gives a ninja-quiet ride. It uses an 8-speed drivetrain with Shimano shifters that is unique to the 2009 Trek Soho. It uses several parts from Bontrage such as the seat, crank and H2 Plus reflective tires. The Trek Soho features an Alpha Black Aluminum frame with rubber top tube protection in sizes from 15" to 25" and comes in a Rainy Day Gray finish. As an added commuter bonus, it includes a custom built coffee thermos and corresponding holder.

  • Frameset:
    • Sizes: 15, 17.5, 20, 22.5, 25"
    • Frame: Alpha Black Aluminum
    • Fork: Bontrager Edge, aluminum w/lowrider mounts
  • Wheels:
    • Wheels: Shimano IM70 front hub, Shimano Nexus 8 rear hub; Bontrager Satellite Nebula rims
    • Tires Bontrager: H2 Plus, reflective, 700x32c
  • Drivetrain:
    • Shifters: Shimano Alfine, 8 speed
    • Front Derailleur: n/a
    • Rear Derailleur: n/a
    • Crank: Bontrager Satellite Nebula w/chainguard, 55T alloy Carbon Drive belt sprocket
    • Cassette: 24T alloy Carbon Drive belt sprocket
    • Pedals: Soho, alloy body w/alloy cage
  • Components:
    • Saddle: Bontrager H1
    • Seat Post: Bontrager Satellite Nebula
    • Handlebars: Trek Urban, alloy, 620mm
    • Stem: Bontrager Soho, 15 degree
    • Headset: Aheadset Slimstak w/semi-cartridge bearings, sealed
    • Brakeset: Shimano IM50, roller brake w/Tektro alloy levers
  • Accessories:
    • Extras: Chainguard; painted fenders; belt drive; nylon cage; Soho mug
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01/15/2010 08:12

Soho I brought had so many faults - chain, pedals, spokes, and seat bolt broke within 9 months. Eventually a dangerous crack in the frame occured while I was riding. After 9 weeks they sent me the wrong bike under the frame warranty.

12/01/2008 12:37

This is a great bike with a brooks saddle. The upright position makes the leather very comfortable. My Soho came with an 8 speed internal hub.  It has been great on my 10 mile commute.  The coffee cup does not work well on a bike.  This bike is not a great bike but with fenders and a rainy seattle commute ahead, it is a great bike to have in your quiver.

10/22/2008 07:46

2009 model has fenders:

10/22/2008 10:32

Can this bike be ordered with fenders or a rack? The product description of a commuting bike should say this.

9 speeds is fine unless you're really out of shape or on steep hills.  My commuter is a 9 speed folder.

For you Canadian consumers, the Norco VFR commuter line is similar and supposedly pretty good.

About recuments: I've owned two of them so I can tell you:
1) They're a blast to ride, and quite comfortable.
2) People do not think they look ridiculous. Kids especially dig 'em.
3) I'm an experienced bike commuter but I do feel nervous in heavy or fast traffic on mine. On residential roads you'd be fine. You do need a good mirror because it's harder to look over your shoulder.

08/15/2008 05:41

I love mine, I commute ten miles a day and I really don't need 27 or 30 different speeds ( I mean really who needs all those unless you are doing alot of hill climbing) believe no front derailer means less noise and rattling and it is easier to change between gears. In San Francisco which is about 40 miles from me there are a lot of hills and there the bike of choice is a single speed. I also like the fact that it comes with nice nice upgraded parts and none of whichh are from the Big Box Shimano Group. It also shidts smoothly & fast(usually half a crank will get you to the next speed. Right now (saw online yesterday) The trek Bike shop in san Diego has the '07 Soho for $799. If I get a second bike it will be a Mission Cycles Fxie. Oh yeah the seat was kind of hard so I replaced it the day after I got the bike.

04/29/2007 09:58

I like it verry much, it looks like the ultimate bike for me

04/04/2007 10:55

Like you, Manzabar. I hate them while driving, because of the visibility issue. Also, I just don't trust the riders. They look so unstable. To top it off, I actually find the aesthetic offensive. It has the same effect as the PT Cruiser or Pontiac Aztec on me. (PT Cruiser fans don't harass me and talk about how great that car is, I will remain unconvinced) Meanwhile, I think this Trek Soho looks fantastic, and I think it would be a great commuter bike, but too pricey.

04/04/2007 10:17

As a car driver, I hate recumbents as they're so low to the ground they can be hard to see. As somebody interesting in getting more exercise and being outside more, I think I'd like them. As a person with a of modicum of fashion/design sense, I think the recumbents look horrible. Of course, those are my reasons and I've not idea why Erik doesn't like them.

04/03/2007 05:27

Erik, how can you hate those?? They're awesome!

04/03/2007 05:19

Ya, those are the ones. I hate those.

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