It's double walled for insulation so your ice drink stay cooler and hot drink stay warmer.

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The Travel Kuppe stainless steel chiseled tumbler is a 16 oz travel cup with a body and straw constructed from stainless steel, so it's tough enough to survive your perilous treks to and from the office. It's double walled for insulation so your ice drink stay cooler and hot drink stay warmer.

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  • MODERN DESIGN: 16 oz Capacity (473ml) double wall stainless steel drink tumbler perfect for iced coffee or any summer beverages on the go. Double wall design helps insulate the drink from outside temperature. Super cool chiseled design makes everybody do a double-take while you walk by!
  • DELICIOUS DRINKS ON THE GO: Stay hydrated this summer with your favorite drinks on the go, or try some of our favorite healthy delicious summer drink recipes! It include a FREE eBook drink recipes guide with your order. 
  • IT'S JERRY PROOF: Travel Kuppe is designed with your lifestyle in mind. Twist cap secures drink from spilling over from the side and the straw has protrusions to prevent it from slipping out if Jerry knocks the tumbler off your office table again. Better yet, stainless steel design prevents breakage from knocks or falls.
  • EASY MAINTENANCE: Large tumbler cup opening means you can easily use a dishwasher sponge to clean the inside of the cup. Also included a cleaning brush with each order for cleaning the inside of the straw. The bottle is top shelf dishwash safe.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is there any plastic in this product? what is the inside of the lid made of?

    Yes plastic on the inside of the cup, but the outside of the cup and the lid are all stainless steel. The straw is stainless steel as well.

  • Is this cup BPA free?


  • Does it get hot or cold on the outside?

    Temperature transfers minimally to the outside of the cup, so it doesn't get hot or cold on the outside from the drink temperature.

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