Transforms from a tractor trailer to a robot that is more than 22 inches tall.

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Stable in robot form

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This Transformers: Dark of the Moon Ultimate Optimus Prime toy is based on the movie. It transforms from a tractor trailer to a robot that is more than 22 inches tall. This toy includes interactive features like lights and sounds. 

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  • Trailer Mode converts to Robot Mode with Omega Combat Armor
  • Battle and launching missile sounds
  • Weapon lights 
  • Extending wings
  • Ultimate Super Cannon
  • Stands 22 inches tall with extended wingspan
  • Features Power-Up Mode, Robot Mode, and Trailer Mode
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What's in the Box

  • Ultimate Optimus Prime figure
  • Trailer
  • MechTech Weapons System Ultimax Super Cannon
  • Two AA batteries
  • Instruction
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Lights and Sounds

This toy provides interactive play with lights and sounds. The Ultimax Super Cannon features separate buttons for rocket and plasma firing sounds and flashing red lights. When you pull the sliding trigger, the front of the cannon opens up and you experience lights and sounds with the phrase "I am Optimus Prime!"

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Transformation Process

The conversion from Trailer Mode to Robot Mode is difficult and can take up to a half hour. Young children might need assistance. In Robot Mode, the wrists and waist do not move. 

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  • Ages: Five years and up
  • Requires: Two AA batteries (included); Phillips/cross head screwdriver (not included)
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are batteries included?

    Yes, they are.

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Truck to Robot

This figure starts out as a semi-trailer truck in Trailer Mode, which you can play with as a rolling vehicle toy. Then, you can change it into the Transformers robot Ultimate Optimus Prime in Robot Mode, which is a posable toy. In this mode, he wears Omega Combat Armor and stands 22 inches high with extended wings, a retractable battle mask and an Ultimate Super Cannon.  

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