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The Transcend TS4GJF300 is a low cost 4GB USB drive.

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sleek, attractive design looks great on a keychain

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priced very low, can afford to give it away and its a nice "spare"

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stays consistent over a long period of time, reliable for frequent use as long as the case isn't put under pressure

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slow transfer speeds, will be waiting a long time for things to copy over

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cap needs to be kept track of when you're using the device

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generates a fair amount of heat while copying files

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case is very weak, can get damaged if you keep it in your pocket with your keys

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The Transcend TS4GJF300 is a low cost 4GB USB drive. This USB drive is compatible with the USB 2.0 interface. There is no installation needed, you need only plug it in and start transferring data. The TS4GJF300 is USB powered, eliminating any need for another power source. This USB drive can transfer text files, MP3s, and video files at speeds of 15Mbps (reading) and 7Mbps (writing). The LED light on this drive lets you know that the transfer is working, and when it is finished. The JetFlashR elite data management tool allows you to view the files you have on your USB drive, and organize them. So that you can feel comfortable carrying it around with you, the Transcend TS4GJF300 comes with a lifetime warranty.

  • 4GB capacity
  • Hi-speed USB 2.0 interface
  • Easy Plug and Play installation
  • USB powered
  • LED indicates the usage status
  • Includes JetFlashR elite data management tool
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Size: 60mm × 18.8mm × 8.6mm 
  • Weight: 8.5g
  • Certificates: CE, FCC, BSMI, C-tick, KCC
  • Transfer Speed: Read 15 MByte/s, Write 7 MByte/s
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