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The Transcend TS32GJF500 is a USB storage device with a retractable connector.

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Free download of JetFlash data management software

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Cap-less sliding mechanism works well, no need to worry about losing the cap

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Plug and play, no bloatware pre-installed, unlike the U3 software for SanDisk drives

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Decent performance for the price, faster that products in a similar price segment and same capacity

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Good price / capacity ratio, makes for a very affordable backup drive

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Life time warranty, 3 years warranties are good from some manufacturers, but a life time guarantee shows that Transcend and confident of their product reliability and quality

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Exterior feels weak, all plastic construction, can break easily if sat on

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The Transcend TS32GJF500 is a USB storage device with a retractable connector. The unit has a 32 Gigabyte storage capacity, and is fully compatible with the USB 2.0 standard enabling top transfer rates of up to 21 Megabytes per second reading and 10 Megabytes per second writing. The USB connector is extended and retracted using a purple slider, eliminating the need for a separate cap. It is compatible with most systems that uses a USB 2.0 connection, and is fully plug-and-play capable without needing any external power. Transcend also offers a free JetFlash Elite data management tool for download, enabling easier automatic backups.

  • 32 Gb capacity
  • Capless design with a sliding USB connector
  • Purple Slider Color
  • Fully compatible with USB 2.0
  • Easy plug and play installation
  • USB powered. No external power or battery needed
  • JetFlash Elite data management tools (free download) 
  • Read 21 Mb/s, Write 10 Mb/s
  • Weight 10g
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
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