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The TP-Link TL-WR340G is a mid-cost 54Mbps wireless router.

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offers good enough bandwidth for most home applications

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connections are fast and reliable, rare to no drops

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good enough range for a medium sized house

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can stream services like Netflix reliably

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perfect for entry-level users, very easy to set up

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setup wizard software isn't Mac compatible

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range won't extend much past the walls of a medium sized house, can't penetrate floors well

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The TP-Link TL-WR340G is a mid-cost 54Mbps wireless router. This is a router devoted to Small Office/Home Office (SOHO) networks, and is a combination of a Wireless Access Point, a built-in 4-ports full-duplex 10/100Mbps Switch, and the NAT-Router. Wireless and wired devices can share a high speed DSL or cable internet connection through this router. The TL-WR340G can transfer data at 54Mbps (in the 2.4GHz frequency range), and can be used with all IEEE 802.11b/IEEE 802.11g devices. For the blocking of unauthorized access, this router also has a firewall, including IP address filtering, MAC address filtering and Domain Name filtering. These features allow you to easily monitor the users on your network, thereby preventing unauthorized access. The TP-Link TL-WR340G comes with an Easy Setup CD.   

  • 54Mbps
  • 2.4-2.4835 GHz frequency range
  • IEEE 802.11b, IEEE 802.11g standards
  • Supports Remote and Web management
  • Supports firmware upgrade
  • Supports access control, parents and network administrators can establish restricted access policies based on time of day for children or staff
  • Supports connecting/disconnecting from the Internet on a specified time of day
  • Ignores Ping packets from WAN or LAN ports
  • Supports ICMP-FLOOD, UDP-FLOOD, and TCP-SYN-FLOOD filter
  • Supports UPnP, Dynamic DNS, Static Routing, VPN Pass-through
  • Supports Virtual Server, Special Application and DMZ host
  • Supports Flow Statistics
  • Provides Wireless LAN ACL (Access Control List)
  • Supports 64/128/152-bit WEP, complies with 128 bit WPA standard(TKIP/AES), supports MIC, IV Expansion, Shared Key Authentication, IEEE 802.1X
  • Supports 54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6Mbps or 11/5.5/2/1Mbps data transfer rates
  • WDS wireless bridge
  • Built-in firewall supporting IP address filtering, Domain Name filtering, and MAC address filtering
  • Shares data and Internet access for users, supporting PPPoE, Dynamic IP, Static IP, L2TP, PPTP, BigPond Cable Internet access
  • Built-in NAT and DHCP server supporting static IP address distributing
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