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The TL-WPA4220KIT instantly expands wired and wireless network connections to hard-to-reach areas of your home and office.

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The TL-WPA4220KIT instantly expands wired and wireless network connections to hard-to-reach areas of your home and office, bypassing the limitations of traditional range extender solutions by using HomePlug AV technology. It establishes a stable Powerline network connection through existing electrical wiring while devoting the full extent of its wired and wireless capability to network client devices.

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  • The TL-WPA4220KIT connects to your network from a distance of up to 1000ft of electrical wiring using HomePlug AV technology
  • Provides greater flexibility, speed, and stability than traditional range extenders
  • Sets up in minutes in any wall outlet thanks to Wi-Fi Clone Button
  • Wired speeds up to 500Mbps and wireless speeds up to 300Mbps for lag-free HD video streaming and online gaming
  • Two Ethernet ports for connecting devices such as TVs, game consoles, and PCs
  • Users can set up a 128-bit AES encryption by pushing the Pair button on the adapters
  • Support IGMP managed multicast IP transmission, optimizing IPTV streaming
  • Ideal for extending more powerline and increase network coverage to hard-to-reach areas in the home
  • The theoretical maximum channel data transfer rate is derived from HomePlug AV2 specifications. Actual data transfer rate will vary from network environment including: distance, network traffic, noise on electrical wires, building material and construction, quality of electrical installation and other adverse conditions.
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One Touch Extends your Range

Set up in a matter of seconds by using the Wi-Fi Clone button to copy your router’s wireless network name and password. Move it to any other location and enjoy a seamless network throughout your home.

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What's Included

  • 300Mbps Wi-Fi Range Extender TL-WPA4220 & AV500 Powerline adapter TL-PA4010
  • 2 Ethernet Cables
  • Quick Installation Guide
  • Resource CD
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • If I have my modem directly plugged into one of the TL-PA4010, will this device create a new wifi network?

    No, this device (TL-PA4010) does not have WAN port, the rj45 port is LAN port. You must first have a router connected to the modem. Then connect the 4010 to the electrical outlet close to the router. Then connect the 4020 to the electrical outlet (e.g. , another room of the house) or where you prefer. The 4020 mirrors the router, and allows you to extend the network. wireless network and connect 2 devices by their rj45. atte EAS.

  • Can the TL-WPA4220KIT cross power breakers?

    As long as they are on one power meter, they can communicate across power breakers.

  • Is this a wifi repeater and it turns your electrical system into ethernet cable too?

    It is a wifi extender so it pulls from your existing wifi and gives you more bars(faster service) in an area that is further from your main wifi router and it does have an Ethernet port for if you need to plug an Ethernet cable in such as most desk tops require.

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Please ensure the adapters are connected on the same circuit.

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