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It is Toyota's 2007 entry into the competitive minicar market, which includes the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa.

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fuel efficient

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Good visibility

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It is really cute - chicks love driving it

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Too much of a 'chick' car

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The Yaris is hard to keep at road speed. Too much power for a electricly controled gas petal. I wish Toyota offered the 1.0 liter motor in the US. The 1.0 liter motor set fuel economy records in the UK and hopefully would be easier to keep at road speed.

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Built around the core concept of "pride of ownership" the Yaris is Toyota's 2007 entry into the competitive minicar market, which includes the Honda Fit and Nissan Versa. Toyota's previous offering for this level, the Toyota Echo, received lukewarm response by critics and in the marketplace. There are two different models of the Yaris, a 3-door liftback and a 4-door sedan, a 5-door hatchback is also available in Canada. Leveraging Toyota's massive resources the Sedan and Hatchback versions of the car were created by two entirely different teams, so while the specifics of the cars remain similar or even identical, the feel is quite distinct.

A 1.5 liter 4-cylinder engine powers the wheels achieving 106HP at 6000RPM. There are two transmission options: 5-speed manual, and 4-speed automatic. This engine is one of the most fuel efficient in the class with the Yaris achieving 34/40 MPG for city and highway driving respectively.

Despite the Yaris' small exterior, Toyota has designed the interior to accommodate full sized adults and their belongings relatively comfortably. Passenger storage rests at 84.6 for the liftback and slightly larger for the sedan. Storage space is 12.8, and 12.9 cubic feet for the liftback and sedan respectively. With the optional packages, the rear seats become flatly foldable 60/40 split which increases storage capacity to 25.7 and 13.5 cubic feet respectively.

Standard features include a four speaker radio/CD stereo system, front airbags, air conditioning, and tilt steering. ABS brakes, and side torso and side curtain air bags are all optional. The sedan includes a few more features standard over the hatchback including 6-way adjustable driver's seats, and child protector rear door locks. The S Sedan model is simply the normal Sedan with some optional features already included, such as a rear spoiler and 15 inch wheels instead of 14 inch.


Insurance Institute for Highway Safety ratings (IIHS)
Front crash test - Good
Side impact test (with optional airbags) - Good
Side impact test (no optional airbags) - Poor

National Highway Safety Traffic Association (NHTSA)
Front crash driver's side - 4 stars
Front crash passenger's side - 4 stars
Side crash front seat - 3 stars
Side crash rear seat - 3 stars

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Ellen Betty Wyatt
06/23/2009 02:48

I have owned a 2007 Toyota Yaris 3 door hatchback, with automatic, for over a year. Love the short nose, easy to see around stuff blocking vision at a intersection. Easy to park. Got 35 mpg highway, fully loaded with personal stuff. Love how Toyota moved the speedometer to the center of the dash. I was able to mount my aftermarket navigation system, behind the steering wheel, without blocking my vision. I love the Yaris so much, that I traded in a Ford Ranger XLT super cab, as a down payment, on a second used 2007 Toyota Yaris with automatic.

11/15/2008 02:35

With gas prices going up this put in the market for a car that was not going to gulp down gas. Also the plus side was to have a vehicle that was easy to park and meet my needs. There are many opitions that come with the Yaris and I decided to go with the full package The Yaris S hatch back. The Yaris is came with a MP3 jack and the CD player can also play MP3 formated CD's. Over all handlign is good and the S model has comfy seats. There is also plenty of storage in the small compact model and has plenty of seating room compared to the Mini. Besides all the great things mentioned it really does come down to the MPG (36). Fun car and great deal!

06/08/2007 08:59

I bought the sedan about 5 weeks ago..... i did extensive research online and test driving for cars in this price bracket .... it came to two models for looks and performance.... the yaris and the chevy optra 5..... the chevy was sluggish and plain inside... though i did like the outside look and had a plug in for an ipod for the stereo... yaris didn't.... and the mp3 feature of the stereo of the toyota does not work properly..... i rented the hatch a few months back and had the same problems with the mp3 of the stereo..... I had a pioneer deck installed... and no problems. I decided not to whine to the dealership about it. If you don't screw the cap on the gas cap to one "click"..your engine light will come on... It's a feature i found out, that lets you know sort of that your emitting gas vapors. Overall ..... I like the car ... and wouldn't pick any other model to buy. When I was single I had the Toyota MR2 and Celica.... with a family and budget... This car is a good buy..

Oh.... and the Canadian government gives a 1000 dollar rebate for the car being "eco-friendly"... And if your a student ....

the rebate is 1500 dollars.

04/12/2007 03:51

This car replaced the Corolla as Toyota's smallest economy car. It's small, fuel efficient, and economical for anyone with a small budget. It's also stylish with minor modifications and can be customized with both factory and aftermarket mods for a truly unique look. I'm curious if they will release an alternate fuel or hybrid version of this. 60mpg anyone? :)

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