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Tour Edge's Exotics XLD-LS is a high-end driver.

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well priced for any Tour Edge Exotics series club

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improves distance a bit over most drivers

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shoots very straight every time, good forgiveness

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will last a long time without getting nicks or scuffs

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sound is satisfying on a good hit

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stock shaft often gives unsatisfactory results, dramatic improvements are the norm when it is replaced

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need to make sure to tee it low or you'll get unintended pop

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Tour Edge's Exotics XLD-LS is a high-end driver. Tour Edge is promoting the 6A4V titanium XLD-LS as having an abundance of club speed and distance. The pentagon head shape, which provides a controlled launch and club speed, is a major factor in this promotion of powerful drives. The sloped crown moves the center of gravity deep into the head, which increases trajectory. The sloped crown also raises the moment of inertia, making off-center hits more stable. Across the face, the thickness varies from 2.8mm to 3.3mm, which ups the rebound rate of the entire face. In other words, the XLD-LS has a large sweet spot on its face, which will help with the distance of all drives. There are several model options available, including women's models (which have a 45.0" club length instead of the men's 46.0", and come with a WINN Tour Edge Exotics pink headcover).

  • Sloping crown
  • Pentagon head shape
  • Variable face thickness (2.8mm to 3.3mm)
  • Women's models available
  • 6A4V titanium
  • CNC milled beta-titanium face
  • Lightweight (295 grams)
  • 460cc head volume
  • Graphite Design XLD Tour AD shaft
  • Shaft options: L-Flex (48g weight, 5.0  torque, high launch), A-Flex (49g weight, 4.7 torque, high launch), R-Flex (50g weight, 4.5 torque, high launch), S-Flex (52g weight, 4.5 torque, mid launch), X-Flex (54g weight, 4.2 torque, mid launch)
  • 46.0" club length (men's)
  • 45.0" club length (women's)
  • WINN Tour Edge Exotics pink headcover (w/ women's models)
  • Driver 1 - 9.0 degree loft, 59.0 degree lie, square face angle
  • Driver 2 - 10.5 degree loft, 59.0 degree lie, square face angle
  • Driver 3 - 12.0 degree loft, 60.0 degree lie, 1 degree closed face angle
  • Driver HL - 15.0 degree loft, 60.0 degree lie, 1 degree closed face angle
  • Driver LH - 10.5 degree loft, 59.0 degree lie, square face angle
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