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Toshiba Camileo S10 is a pocket camcorder released in March 2009, with a $181 price tag.

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good price

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expandable SD card storage

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takes 5MP still images

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HDMI output for full HD playback

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records video in full 1080p

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compact and attractive build

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easy to use

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no optical zoom

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could not playback full HD on my Sony bravia TV.

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so light in weight it is difficult to get a steady recording.

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Toshiba Camileo S10 is a pocket camcorder released in March 2009, with a $181 price tag. It is a competitor to the Flip Mino HD and the Kodak Zi6. It has a video resolution of up to 1080p and also takes five megapixel stills.  With a bigger sensor than other minis, this one can pick up nicer and more accurate details and colors.  It is also noted that the Camileo S10 beats its competitors (Zi6 and Flip Mino HD) in its finish: 18mm thick brush metal/glossy cover design but with one catch: it's slick finish will probably make it less durable than its competitors.  The device also has 4x digital zoom, 2.5 inch LCD, and while it has only 128 MB of internal memory, it allows for external SD card memory.  It also has an HDMI port for quick video transfer to HDTVs.  This product is already available in Asia, will be released in UK in May, but no word on when it's coming out in the US.  

  • Definition: 1080p
  • Still image size: 5 mega pixel
  • Capture: CMOS
  • Zoom: 4x digital (2x in 1080p resolution) 
  • LCD size: 2.5"
  • Internal Memory: 128 MB
  • Stabilizer: yes, digital
  • Video Format: AVI (H.264)
  • Output: HDMI
Post Review
05/11/2009 05:43
top quality 1080p playback and good battery life, but I have a conflict of some sort as my Sony Bravia won't play full HD from this camcorder. I had to test playback of full Hd at a Sony TV shop.

A problem I feel that applies to all HD and full HD camcorders is you cannot get HD when you burn any recording to a disK. which means if want want to playback any recordings in HD you have to keep them stored on SDHC cards and use the camcorder for playback. So will be returning the camcorder to QVC

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