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The Toshiba D-KR40 is a DVD recorder offered by Toshiba which features 1080p up-conversion.

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can play unfinalized discs - useful for recording more content at another time

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useful for transferring old VHS home videos to DVD

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includes an HDMI cable in the box

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front inputs for use with camcorders, VCRs etc.

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automatically creates DVD chapters at pre-programmed intervals

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substandard image quality by default - progressive scanning and RGB color mode is initally turned off

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doesn't include a tuner - users must provide their own cable/satellite connection when recording television

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only capable of recording 2-channel audio

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upconverts at only at 480p when used with Component cables

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The Toshiba D-KR40 is a DVD recorder offered by Toshiba which features 1080p up-conversion. It is capable of multi-format recording and playback using DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R or DVD+RW discs, and one touch recording makes recording your favorite show as simple as possible. The HDMI output is capable of up-conversion to 720p/1080i/1080p taking full advantage of todays highest quality HDTVs. The HDMI output also features "REGZA-LINK", which allows multiple components (that are REGZA-LINK compatible) to be controlled by one remote simply by connecting with the included HDMI cable, with no additional programming required. It is also capable of playing MP3 and WMA files, is DivX home theatre certified and can record 2 channel Dolby Digital audio. There are several inputs/outputs including component, HDMI, S-video, RCA, A/V and coaxial.  Other notable features include commercial skip, camcorder controls and JPEG viewing capabilities.

  • Video upconversion up to 1080p resolution via HDMI
  • Video Upconversion via HDMI 720p/1080i/1080p
  • One Touch Recording
  • Multi-Format Recording and Playback
  • Progressive Out
  • Video DAC -10-bit/54 MHz
  • Digital Photo Viewer (JPEG)
  • Y/C Separation
  • Audio DAC 192kHz/24bit
  • MP3
  • WMA
  • Dolby Digital Recording (2-Ch)
  • L-PCM Recording XP mode only
  • 3-D Virtual Surround Sound
  • DVD-RW (VR & Video Mode)
  • DVD+RW (VR Mode)
  • DVD-R (Video Mode)
  • DVD+R (Video Mode)
  • Recording Modes 1H(XP)/2H(SP)/4H(LP)/6H(EP)/8H(SLP)
  • V-Chip Recording
  • Timer Recording 12 programs/1 month
  • Camcorder Controls (Dubbing)
  • OSD Language: English/French/Spanish
  • 1.5x FF with Audio 1.3x /0.8x with Audio
  • Scan FF/REW 2X(fwd) 5X(back) ,20X,40X
  • Slow-Motion 1/2(fwd) 1/4(back), 1/8X, 1/16X
  • Instant Skip
  • Zoom
  • Editing Features Playlist/Rename Title/Replace Title Thumbnail / Chapter Creation (User and Auto)
  • Timer Back Up (at standby mode)-30 sec.
  • Auto Finalization w/ undo
  • Commercial Skip
  • HDMI Cable Included
  • Component Outputs (1)
  • HDMI Out with REGZA-LINK
  • Front S-Video Input (1)
  • Rear S-Video Input/Output 1 /1
  • Rear RCA-Video Input/Output 1 /1
  • Front Audio Input (1)
  • Rear Analog Audio Input / Output 1/1
  • Coaxial Outputs (1)
  • Front DV Input (1)
Weights and Dimensions
  • Weight: 5.28 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 16.54 x 2.32 x 9.72 (WxHxD)
  • Weight With Packaging: 7.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions With Packaging: 20.47 x 5.79 x 14.25 (WxHxD)
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