The REGZA XV645 is Toshiba's entry-level line of HDTVs in their high-end REGZA brand of products.

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The REGZA XV645 is Toshiba's entry-level line of HDTVs in their high-end REGZA brand of products, the line features a native 1080p resolution and incorporates Toshiba's ClearFrame 120Hz technology. While Toshiba doesn't state this specifically, the XV645s appear to be the successor to the Cinema Series XV545 line released in the second half of 2009. Notably there is a lack of major difference between the two lines outside of aesthetics. The major difference comes in the XV645's use of Toshiba's fifth generation PixelPure image processing technology while the XV545s use the previous 4th generation image processor. Other technologies such as the Resolution+ and ClearFrame 120Hz remain consistent. The step-up series to the XV645s is the ZV650 Series which adds ClearFrame 240Hz technology, integrated digital media playback through a USB port, and Dolby Volume control.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • ClearFrame 120Hz technology
  • 14-bit PixelPure 5G image processor
  • Resolution+ REGZA upscaling engine
  • invisible speaker system
  • AutoView
  • inputs: 3xHDMI, VGA, Component
  • May, 2009 release date
Common to all 2009 REGZAs

AutoView - analyses the incoming video signal and automatically adjusts the resulting picture settings to optimize the image quality. For example, dark scenes may have the backlight reduced to allow for more shadow detail and deeper black levels.

ClearFrame 120Hz - Toshiba's marketing name for regular 120Hz processing technology which allows the television to insert one frame between the regular video frame in an effort to reduce video artifacts such as judder and motion blur. The downside to this algorithmic approach is that the artificial frames can introduce their own video artifacts, and often times creates what is known as the "soap opera effect".

Resolution+ - this processing technology from Toshiba attempts to upscale and lower resolution video, such as from the TV or DVDs, to the television's native 1080p resolution. Toshiba has put particular attention and effort into their upscaling technology and claims it is superior to most competitive offerings.

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11/03/2010 01:12

I need a manual for toshiba xv645,that is all I want . I just bought it ,the company did't have a manual and I want one.

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