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The RV535 series of LCD televisions are the fall 2008 upgrade to the early 2008 entry level 1080p series, the RV530s.

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HD is sharp and clear, no artifacts or rendering problems with fast-moving subjects

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Dynalight works well, properly adjusts for variable room lighting

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Standard Definition looks good, well rendered without obvious flaws

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surface reflection is minor even in bright rooms

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remote is awkwardly designed, takes some time to get used to

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takes a long time to start up

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sound is weak, need external stereo for decent volume output

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many options hidden in sub-menus

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The RV535 series of LCD televisions are the fall 2008 upgrade to the early 2008 entry level 1080p series, the RV530s. Most of the specifications between the two lineups are the same, including the 14-bit image processor, Regza Link, and 4 HDMI inputs. The RV535 adds the Super Resolution Technology which performs SD to HD upscaling, and Autoview which analyses both the ambient room lighting, and the image on the TV itself to automatically adjust the picture settings.

  • CCFL backlighting
  • Thin bezel
  • Dynalight
  • 14-bit PixelPure 4G tech
  • 8-bit panel
  • Autoview
  • Inputs: HDMI x 4, Component x 2, Composite x 1, S-Video x 1
RV535 Features

14-bit processing/8-bit panel - Being a chip company Toshiba's television strength lies in the pixel processing technology with the RV535 featuring the latest 4G PixelPure chip. Processing of the image is done at 14-bit, while the panel displays 8-bit color information. These extra bits are used for more color reproduction and Toshiba claims they should result in a clearer and more vibrant picture.

XV545, RV535 features

Autoview - this technology analyses the ambient lighting in the room and the content displayed on the television and automatically adjusts the picture settings. This is an enhancement of the DynaLight system which only analyzed the content of the source, and not the room the TV is in.

Common to all 2008 Toshibas

DynaLight dynamic backlight - the television's processor analyzes the overall lighting level of the frame and adjusts the backlight accordingly to best accommodate the overall picture.


The naming convention of the RV535 series takes the form of: Toshiba Regza --RV535

  • 42RV535 - 42" screen | October 2008
  • 46RV535 - 46" screen | October 2008
  • 52RV535 - 52" screen | October 2008
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