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The RV530 Series is Toshiba's entry level 1080p line of LCD televisions for 2008.

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Four HDMI inputs

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Great black levels

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Great price/performance value

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VGA input max resolution is 1280x1024

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Component input can't handle 1080p

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TV is really 1080i steped up to 1080P (was told by toshiba techsupport)

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The RV530 Series is Toshiba's entry level 1080p line of LCD televisions for 2008. Above the RV530 is the XV540 and XF550U series which have 10-bit panels, and a 120Hz mode. Common to all 2008 Toshibas the RV530s use the PixelPure 4G processor for 14-bit image processing, with the panel supporting 8-bits of color. Below the RV530s is the RV510 line of TVs which have a 720p native resolution.

  • 1080p native resolution
  • Dynamic backlight for improved dynamic contrast ratio
  • 14-bit PixelPure processor
  • 8-bit panel
  • 5 picture setting modes
  • 8ms response time
  • Inputs: HDMI x 4, Component x 2, Composite x 2, S-Video x 1, VGA x 1

14-bit processing/8-bit panel - Being a chip company Toshiba's television strength lies in the pixel processing technology with the RV530 featuring the latest 4G PixelPure chip. Processing of the image is done at 14-bit, while the panel displays 8-bit color information. These extra bits are used for more color reproduction and Toshiba claims they should result in a clearer and more vibrant picture. However these extra colors are usually not displayed since the source content itself is the limiting factor.

DynaLight dynamic backlight - the television's processor analyzes the overall lighting level of the frame and adjusts the backlight accordingly to best accommodate the overall picture.46+ have deep color support

Limits on inputs - The VGA input can handle a maximum resolution of 1280x1024, while the Component inputs max out at 1080i and cannot handle 1080p.


The naming convention of the RV530 series takes the form of: Toshiba Regza --RV530

  • 32RV530 - 32" screen | March 2008
  • 37RV530 - 37" screen | March 2008
  • 42RV530 - 42" screen | March 2008
  • 46RV530 - 46" screen | March 2008 - supports deep color
  • 52RV530 - 52" screen | March 2008 - supports deep color
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09/29/2008 07:49


Do you know what your db level is from the coax into your digi box? Do you have a drop amplifier anywhere in your home? Amplifiers and improperly grounded coax can put hums/buzzes.

09/22/2008 06:49

Trouble with audio reverberation/buzz when digital channel has pixilation/little squares scattered in the picture screen while a person is talking. None of my other Toshiba LCD TV's do this. Also the stand does not attach to the TV and hold it level. It's off 1/4 inch at the ends. TV is going back in the box and back to where it came from. Too bad for me, I trust the Toshiba brand so much for technology and reliability that even I will try to get another one that doesn't do this annoying noise. When the digital channels are clear of pixilation, it's a great TV, along with the piece of wood shim under the stand. If I get pixilation, the I have to watch the show on an analog station (while they are still being broadcast).

05/17/2008 10:02

Great looking LCD Panel. Very light after unpacking it and assemblying it I took to my downstairs room without help. I don't get the 33ms shortcut for gaming if the panel is 8ms response time, whatever. Good price to performace ration. Not too fond of the control's esthetics.



07/13/2013 09:50

games like om the ps3 get bug on hd tv in movie setup so thats way

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