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The Regza 32SL400U is a high-definition television from Toshiba that offers a step-up from the company's 26SL400U model.

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3:2 pulldown CinemaMode makes DVDs look fantastic

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good energy efficiency, draws very little power even at full brightness

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accepts both digital and analog inputs, good compatibility

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offers good range of fine-tuning options for the picure

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can switch between 60 and 24 frames per second, perfect for different HD input types

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fast enough for high-speed sports action

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on-screen menus tend to eat up most of the screen real-estate - hard to see how changing the setting affects things

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The Regza 32SL400U is a high-definition television from Toshiba that offers a step-up from the company's 26SL400U model. The largest model in the SL400U series, this model features a 31.5-inch high-definition LED display that is optimized for 720p content viewing. Also utilizing a "CineSpeed" LCD panel layer, the screen of the television is optimized to support multiple movie viewing modes that differ in contrast and aspect ratio. Multiple "TheaterWide" widescreen modes are included, as well as the 24 frames-per-second "Cinema Mode". The auto-aspect control feature allows users to let the unit decide which ratio is best suited to a given program, with the similarly functioning "DynaLight" back-lighting technology using an intelligent technology to pre-determine what settings will work best for a movie, television show or video game. ATSC, NTSC and QAM digital television signals are supported, with multiple video inputs for external content viewing. A "ColorStream" HD component video input acts as the primary jack, allowing for one-step porting of high-quality video files from a laptop or external hard drive device. The 32SL400U can also function as a digital picture frame via the included USB port, displaying still imagery with vivid color temperature control. The invisible speaker design of the television provides a streamlined aesthetic similar to a standalone monitor or tablet screen, making wall-mounting a suitable option. In addition, a sleep timer is included that can be programmed via the included remote control, designed to conserve energy for late-night viewing. The remote also features a "Half Mute" function that can temporarily reduce a volume level for a variety of purposes, as well as manual override controls for all of the units' automatic functions. The 32SL400U includes an Energy Star rating, symbolizing a low overall energy consumption rate and minimized ecological footprint. 

  • 31.5-inch HD LED display
  • DynaLight back-lighting technology
  • CrystalCoat light reflection technology
  • CineSpeed LCD panel
  • 24-fps Cinema Mode
  • TheaterWide viewing modes
  • Color temperature control 
  • ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital television tuning
  • Invisible speaker technology
  • Sleep timer
  • Dolby Digital optical output
  • HMDI-CEC capability
  • ColorStream HD component video input
  • Auto aspect control
  • Native Mode
  • Mute/Half Mute function
  • Gaming mode
  • USB digital photo frame capability
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