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Featuring a 26-inch high-definition LED display with "CrystalCoat" anti-glare technology.

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includes several higher-end features - dynamic backlighting, HDMI-CEC and several modes for movies

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looks good - features a sleek aesthetic with invisible speakers

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uses LED technology - uses less energy than competing CCFL-based HDTVs

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uses edge-lit LED technology - doesn't provide fully even backlighting

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glossy bezel and stand - attracts fingerprints and dust

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mediocre built-in speakers - not great for movies

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not Full HD compliant - only supports 720p video

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The Regza 26SL400U is a high-definition television from Toshiba that offers a step-down from the company's 32SL400U model and a step-up from the 22SL400U model. Featuring a 26-inch high-definition LED display with "CrystalCoat" anti-glare technology, this model includes a number of high-performance picture options that are both customizable and automatic. Among these are the 24 frames-per-second "Cinema Mode" that includes a 3:2 pulldown-style aspect ratio, and multiple "TheaterWide" widescreen settings. Enabling auto-aspect control will allow the television to optimize the picture of a given program as soon as it is selected, taking factors such as image quality and overall contrast levels into consideration. Brightness levels are controlled via "DynaLight" back-lighting technology, with a similar automatic function that assesses picture content before self-adjusting to a suitable level. All standard digital television tuning types are supported on the 26SL400U, including ATSC NTSC and QAM signals. HDMI and HDMI-CEC inputs allow for the porting of external high-definition content, with the "ColorStream" HD component video input acting the primary use jack. The inclusion of a USB port on the side of the unit makes image hosting possible, enabling a digital picture frame function that is especially effective on larger displays such as this one. Invisible speaker technology gives the face of the television a streamlined look that is similar to a tablet or computer monitor, making the unit suitable for virtually any room of a house. The half mute function allows users to cut a given volume level in half at the touch of a button on the included remote control, which can also be used to set the sleep timer function for energy conservation during late night viewing. 

  • 26-inch HD LED display
  • DynaLight back-lighing technology
  • CrystalCoat light reflection technology
  • 24-fps Cinema Mode
  • TheaterWide viewing modes
  • Color Temperature control
  • ATSC/NTSC/QAM digital television tuning
  • Gaming mode
  • Sleep timer
  • ColorStream HD component video input
  • Dolby Digital optical output
  • HDMI-CEC capability
  • Native Mode
  • Auto aspect control
  • Mute/Half Mute function
  • Invisible speaker technology
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