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Featuring a separate set of brightness and resolution presets based on console.

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fast enough response for console gaming

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easy to set up, can be handled by one person out of the box

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offers a good range of adjustability for color tweaking as well as some handy presets

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good viewing angles, can be watched from anywhere in the room

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controls on the remote are simple and obvious, easy to work with

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audio is washed out and never gets very loud

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matte coating fights glare but also makes the colors a little less vibrant and bright

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The Regza 22SL400U is a high-definition television from Toshiba that offers a step-down from the company's 26SL400U model and a step-up from the 19SL400U model. Featuring a 21.6-inch high-definition LED display optimized for 720p content, this model utilizes the "Crystal Coat" anti-glare screen coating technology that prevents light reflections from affecting picture quality. Multiple video types are supported through the "ColorStream" HD component video input and alternative s-video/HMDI inputs, and are compatible with the built-in "Cinema" and "TheaterWide" widescreen viewing modes. Brightness is controlled manually via the included remote control, or automatically via the television's "DynaLight" back-lighting technology based on image content at a given time. Aspect ratio is controlled in a similar way, with manual options available in addition to the standard system that automatically chooses what is best fit to a given program. A dedicated gaming mode is available for video game play, featuring a separate set of brightness and resolution presets based on console. The 22SL400U also features a single USB port that can be used to display digital imagery from a camera or laptop, acting as a digital picture frame. The unit's invisible speaker design makes for a more streamlined aesthetic, hiding all excess in and out ports on the back and sides. In addition, the television includes an Energy Star rating that symbolizes low environmental impact and reduced energy expenditure. 

  • 21.6-inch HD LED display
  • CrystalCoat anti-glare coating
  • DynaLight back-lighting technology
  • 24-fps Cinema mode
  • Color temperature control
  • Mute/Half Mute functions
  • Gaming mode
  • Auto aspect control
  • ColorStream HD component video input
  • Dolby Digital Optical Output
  • HDMI-CEC capability
  • Digital photo frame USB capability
  • TheaterWide viewing modes
  • Invisible speaker technology
  • Slee timer
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