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The Toshiba REGZA 22CV100U is a 22-inch, 720p LCD HDTV/DVD player combination.

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good range of connections, will cover most situations

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fights glare well enough to be used in a room with lots of windows

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energy efficient, doesn't draw much while running and almost nothing while in standby

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small footprint fits into tight spaces well

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remote control is intuitively designed, easy to work with in the dark

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fairly small screen, not right for watching in a large living room

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darker scenes are difficult to see, tend to just look all black

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colors tend to blend together, overly vibrant losing the details

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The Toshiba REGZA 22CV100U is a 22-inch, 720p LCD HDTV/DVD player combination. The slot-loading DVD player has been integrated on the left side of the HDTV, keeping it out of plain sight. Over-the-air signals in high-definition can be received on this REGZA TV in addition to those from a digital set-top box. Several viewing modes geared towards movie fans are accessible from the remote, including "Cinema Mode" and "8 Mode Picture Size Adjustment." The first mode ensures smooth playback of movies recorded at 24 frames-per-second, while the second allows those uncomfortable with narrow widescreen aspect ratios to modify the image presented on-screen. Built-in bottom mounted stereo speakers are also included with this set, however Dolby Digital and DTS output is available for those with A/V receivers. Video inputs include 2 HDMI, 1 Component, 1 PC, 1 A/V and 1 RF connection.

  • 720p HD Display
  • 1000:1 Contrast Ratio
  • Brightness 400 cd/m2
  • Cinema Mode (24 fps mode)
  • 8 Mode Picture Size Adjustment
  • ATSC/NTSC/QAM Digital Tuning
  • Dolby Digital and DTS Compatible Output
  • Built-in Speakers
  • MP3/WMA Playback via DVD
  • Included Remote
  • 2 x HDMI, 1 x Component, 1 x PC, 1 x A/V, 1 x USB
  • VESA Mounting Holes - 100 mm
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