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The Regza 19SL400U is a high-definition television from Toshiba that offers a step-down from the company's Regza 22SL400U model.

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picture quality is sharp and clear, renders sports events sharply without jitter

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colors are bright and vibrant, really "pop out"

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setup is simple and the manual is well-written if you run into trouble

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plenty of inputs available to cover everything in the house, with an additional HDMI out for maximum compatibility with external receivers

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minimal footprint makes it ideal for tighter spaces or in the bedroom

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remote is easy to work with and intuitively laid out

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base is easy to attach but wobbles a bit

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sound is a bit washed out and tinny

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The Regza 19SL400U is a high-definition television from Toshiba that offers a step-down from the company's Regza 22SL400U model. Featuring an 18.5-inch LED display capable of display high-definition content up to 720p, this model utilizes "DynaLight" dynamic back-lighting technology for vivid brightness control. Equipped with multiple video content jacks including HDMI, optical digital audio and "ColorStream" component video inputs, the TV can be set to a number of viewing modes at the user's discretion. These include the 24 frames-per-second "Cinema Mode" with 3:2 pulldown-style aspect ratio, and many different "TheaterWide" settings such as "Full", "Native" "4:3 HD" and "Dot By Dot". Automatic aspect control will instinctively adjust picture format depending on a given channel or program, while the "Half-Mute" function providing a temporary volume reduction at exactly half of what it was previously. A single USB jack at the side of the unit makes digital picture frame capability possible, with the "Invisible Speaker" hidden audio system making the 19SL400U look more like a streamlined frame or tablet. Specific picture and audio adjustments can be made via the included remote control, which also comes in handy when switching viewing modes or setting the built-in sleep timer. This model also features a dedicated gaming mode with customizable display settings based on the capabilities of a given console, as well as a 15-pin PC-input jack for porting internet video or downloaded content directly onto the television. 

  • 18.5-inch HD LED display
  • 24-fps Cinema Mode
  • TheaterWide widescreen modes
  • Color temperature control
  • Invisible speaker technology
  • Dedicated gaming mode
  • Mute and half mute functions
  • Dolby Digital optical output
  • USB digital photo frame capability
  • Sleep timer
  • HDMI out
  • ColorStream HD component video input
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