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The REGZA 19C100U is an LCD HDTV from Toshiba's entry-level C100 Series.

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10 pounds, very light weight, easy to wall mount and move around

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remote control is well built, feels durable, takes standard AAA batteries (included)

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comes with a clear and well written owner's manual

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smaller display with minimal footprint fits into smaller spaces

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high gloss finish collects dust and fingerprints quickly

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relatively narrow field of view, which is problematic when used in environments like a kitchen where you're moving around

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sound quality is adequate for casual viewing, but leaves music sounding very tinny

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The REGZA 19C100U is an LCD HDTV from Toshiba's entry-level C100 Series.  The TV is the smallest in the series with an 18.5" widescreen display with a native resolution of 720p for viewing high-definition content.  It features a Dynalight dynamic backlight control to produce deeper blacks and higher detail and includes Cinema and TheaterWide modes for watching movies.  The TV is also photo frame capable with auto slideshow functionality for displaying digital photos on the screen.  Like the other models in the series, the REZGA 19C100U has hidden stereo speakers and Toshiba's beveled Horizon design with a high gloss black finish.  It also includes a built-in digital tuner and offers USB, ColorStream HD Component, and 2 HDMI inputs.  The REZGA 19C100U comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

  • 18.5" LCD HDTV
  • Resolution: 720p, 1366 x 768 Pixels
  • Horizon Design
  • DynaLight Dynamic Backlight Control
  • Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM Digital Tuner
  • Invisible Stereo Speakers
  • Photo Frame Capability /w Auto Slide Show
  • Color Temperature Control
  • Cinema & TheaterWide Modes
  • I/O: 2 x HDMI, 1 x ColorStream HD Component, 1 x USB, 1 x Dolby Digital Audio Out
  • VESA Wall-Mount Compatible
  • High Gloss Black Finish
  • 1 year limited warranty
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