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The XF550U series of LCD televisions from Toshiba takes the top spot as the flagship line in their 2008 set of tvs.

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Super thin bezel looks great

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No soap opera effect with 120Hz "film" mode

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Well priced

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Great black levels

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No false contouring

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Relatively few "premium" features such as digital media support

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The XF550U series of LCD televisions from Toshiba takes the top spot as the flagship line in their 2008 set of tvs. The XF550Us feature all the picture technologies expected in a modern high-end LCD television, this includes a 1080p native resolution, and 120Hz mode that Toshiba names Clear Frame. Unlike the flagship models of other manufacturers, Toshiba focuses on the television's picture itself and opted to not include extra features such as ethernet ports or digital media support. Overall the XF550U series shares much in common with the XF540 series, but removes the 4th HDMI port to accommodate the significantly smaller bezel design which measures less than 1 inch (0.9") across.

  • CCFL backlighting
  • Thin bezel
  • 3,000:1 native contrast ratio
  • 30,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
  • 14-bit PixelPure 4G tech
  • 10-bit panel
  • 5:5 pulldown mode for 24p content (Clear Frame)
  • Inputs: HDMI x 3, Component x 2, Composite x 1, S-Video x 1

14-bit processing/10-bit panel - Being a chip company Toshiba's television strength lies in the pixel processing technology with the XF550 featuring the latest 4G PixelPure chip. Processing of the image is done at 14-bit, while the panel displays 10-bit color information. These extra bits are used for more color reproduction and Toshiba claims they should result in a clearer and more vibrant picture.

5:5 Clear Frame - Film modes on other leading sets use a combination of 120Hz display and motion compensation to achieve a smooth look. However, in practise these technologies often introduce their own problems, most commonly known as the Triple Ball Effect (TBE) and the soap opera effect. Toshiba's conversion process doesn't introduce these artifacts, instead each frame is displayed an equal number of times so you see the movie exactly how it was filmed.


The naming convention of the XF550U series takes the form of: Toshiba Cinema Regza --XF550U

  • 40XF550U - 40" screen | February 2008
  • 46XF550U - 46" screen | February 2008
  • 52XF550U - 52" screen | February 2008
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01/24/2010 03:48

LCD panel went on TV 5 months out of warranty. Mfg will not replace.

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