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The Toshiba 55UX600 is one of three UX600 Series edge-lit LED TVs (40UX600, 46UX600, 55UX600) released in March 2010.

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Built-in internet services are reliable and easy to navigate - Vudu, YouTube and Pandora Radio applications are of specific interest

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Overall energy consumption is very low - "Auto View" mode provides self-adjusting backlight modes, with virtually 0 watts expended during standby mode

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120Hz processing is fantastic - minimal blurring amongst live sporing events and action movies, even with the unit's glossy screen

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Ideal for wall mounting - thin, lightweight design is easy to hoist and attach, and protrudes no more than a standard picture frame

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Minimal off-angle coloration issues - considerably better in group viewing applications than competitor models from Sony and Vizio

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Gloss finish reflects light very easily - users with sunny TV rooms may need to invest in "black-out" curtains

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Screen corners are seemingly prone to over-brightness or "flash-lighting" issues - may cause user frustration, especially amongst bright, vivid content

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The Toshiba 55UX600 is one of three UX600 Series edge-lit LED TVs (40UX600, 46UX600, 55UX600) released in March 2010. All three models host an Air Lagoon design with an ultra-thin 2” depth, and are Energy Star 4.0 compliant. The 55UX600 is the largest, at 55” diagonal. Like its peers, it comes with an include WPA Wi-Fi adapter that gives users instant access to entertainment-on-demand NET TV services like Vudu (movies), Pandora (music), Flickr (photos), and Facebook (social networking), to name a few. Also included with the 55UX600 is a 3M:1 dynamic contrast ratio; DynaLight technology for automatically adjustments of the backlight intensity; and Toshiba’s ClearFrame 120Hz technology, which doubles the video frames from 60 to 120 per second to reduce motion blur.

  • UX600 Series LED TV
  • 55” Air Lagoon Design
  • Ultra-Thin Frame
  • Energy Star 4.0 Compliant
  • Included Wi-Fi Adapter
  • NET TV Services
  • DynaLight Technology
  • ClearFrame Technology
  • CrystalCoast High Contrast Coating
  • AutoView
  • Dolby Volume
  • Digital Photo Frame Mode
  • Gaming Mode
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