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The 46G310U is a high-definition television from the Toshiba company.

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picture is comparable to more expensive sets, very bright and detailed

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black levels are excellent, show lots of details in the grey and complete inky black when needed

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120Hz refresh makes a big difference, completely eliminates jitter

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good selection of input ports for anything you might need to hook up

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no internet connectivity, need to run through an external system

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using DVDs or games results in dramatic loss of volume, needs to be turned way up

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internal speakers are poor, don't carry much detail in the sound

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The 46G310U is a high-definition television from the Toshiba company. Featuring a 46-inch widescreen LCD display, this model incorporates ClearFrame technology for fast 120Hz for fast, blur-free refresh rates. Fully 1080p HD resolution provides optimal quality viewing, with a dedicated gaming mode for pre-configured rendering based on the graphical requirements of Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 systems. The "Dynalight" dynamic backlight control feature helps provide users a level of backlighting custom-tailored to a given room environment, taking room size and local lighting levels into account to provide a clear, eco-friendlly results. Working in conjunction with CineSpeed technology, high-action imagery is reproduced in clean, vivid quality, with off-angle viewing supported for multi-person viewing sessions ideal for live sports and weekly TV shows. The 46G310U also features a wide variety of connectivity options for combined use with 15-pin PC inputs with Colorstream component video, alongside 3 HDMI ports for direct access to Blu-ray disc players, laptops and select tablet devices. A single USB port is also provided for playing back content from flash and external hard drives. 

  • LCD Technology Display
  • 1080p HD Resolution
  • ClearFrame 120Hz 
  • Hi-Res PC Connection
  • 3 HDMI Digital Inputs
  • PC Inputs with USB Port
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Energy Star Qualified
  • Includes Stand
  • Includes Remote 
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09/20/2011 08:00

what's the best bang for $$ & best sound bar or ez wireless install for hdtv/best sounds @ best cost/subwoofers/speakers or what?????? help.. thx

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