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The Toshiba 32SL410U is the largest of the three models that make up the SL410 entry-level LED TV series.

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HD channels display sharply, very clear and well defined

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volume from the speakers is loud enough for most living rooms

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copes well with fast-moving graphics and sports even though it is limited to 60Hz refresh

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no lag time at all, ideal for use with gaming consoles

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limited number of input ports, doesn't support many devices at a time

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picture isn't bright enough to handle a brightly lit room

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sound quality is poor, sounds like they are talking into a cardboard box

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picture fades away dramatically when viewed from an angle

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SD channels look very blurry, no real upscaling

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The Toshiba 32SL410U is the largest of the three models that make up the SL410 entry-level LED TV series.  With a 31.5 inch diagonal LED widescreen, and an ultraslim depth of 8.90 inches on its stand, this television offers a compact design with a large screen, and a number of features.  Like the 19SL410U 19 inch model, this television has a video resolution of 720p to provide a crystal-clear display, ideal for watching standard and high-definition video and broadcasts.  With Dynalight Dynamic Backlight Control technology, all of these models offer full screen LED backlighting to provide deeper blacks and brighter whites simultaneously.  In addition, all of the models in this series offer a Gaming Mode that emphasizes the speed and sounds of the image processing response of games, allowing better quality picture with high-impact use. Finally, to restore the 3-5% of the picture that is normally lost through over-scanning, these televisions are equipped with a Native Mode Option.

  • 720p Resolution
  • Refresh Rate of 60Hz
  • Digital Noise Reduction
  • Invisible Speaker System
  • Ports: 2 HDMI inputs, 1 PC input, 1 USB
  • Gaming Mode and Native Mode Options
  • Remote Control Included
  • Sleep Timer
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01/26/2013 10:49

volume control to loud for first setting

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