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Powerful laptop can be used as a desktop replacement, rivals many of the more powerful computers on the market.

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Nice screen

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Powerful laptop. Good for resource-hungry apps.

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Power connector comes loose

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Loud fan because of overheating.

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Heavy (7.9 lb)

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screen goes white intermittently

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Powerful laptop can be used as a desktop replacement, rivals many of the more powerful computers on the market.
  • Intel Mobile Pentium 4
  • 512 MB DDR SDRAM
  • 80 GB IDE
Post Review
03/17/2008 04:47

I've had problems with this laptop as far as DC Jack problems and the screen turning white. I once tried the dismantling guide and creating an "external jack" of sorts so that you could still use the laptop. Unfortunately after a year the "white screen" and the dc jack problem arose again and there was no way I could figure out how to fix it. I ended up purchasing a Dell XPS M1530, which I think is a great buy, but pricey. We took the laptop to an IT department at an office and they worked their magic to fix the laptop. I would not recommend buying this laptop unless you have the resources to fix it, as I cannot say it will be a laptop that you can rely on. I still believe Toshiba makes great laptops despite this model. (A75-M35X Series seem to have this same problem) If you are currently an owner of this laptop you can search for A75 or M35X repair on any search engine and find many guides on how to fix it...

08/22/2007 06:10

I've had this laptop for a little over 2 years and I would never buy it again. On top of the power problems (which are incredibly annoying and basically prevents you from actually taking it anywhere) it has a problem wherein the screen goes completely white. All in all, I definitely wouldn't recommend it.

03/30/2007 11:34

I know of a fix for the power jack problem. Follow this dismantling guide, then wrap a cable tie around the power jack to fasten it tightly to the mainboard. Now, resolder the positive connection. I had to cut some clearance in to the plastic case so that the mainboard would site flat, but this fix really helped. Continually removing and inserting the power supply cable, loosens the power jack.

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