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An incredible 1.9 pounds, the Dynabook SS RX2 weighs less than even the smallest umpcs and netbooks.

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lighter than any umpc/netbook, regardless of size

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best battery life to date of any laptop

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semi-rugged design is water, drop and crush resistant

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built-in mobile broadband (3G)

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up to an insane 12.5 hours of battery life

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one eSATA port and three USB 2.0 ports

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packs a DVD writer despite its size and weight

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features a full Core 2 dual core processor - much more powerful than an Atom powered netbook

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Japan only

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extremely expensive - up to $3500

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Announced in early September 2008, the Dynabook SS RX2 (the replacement model for the Dynabook SS RX1) is a new semi-rugged ultra mobile laptop from Toshiba, aimed at any type of road warrior that puts battery life, size and weight over sheer performance. An incredible 1.9 pounds, the Dynabook SS RX2 weighs less than even the smallest umpcs and netbooks. This does not mean the Dynabook gives up as much functionality however, including a DVD writer, an eSATA port, 3 USB 2.0 ports and a relatively large 12.1" LED backlit screen. Battery life is also quite impressive when compared to the competition - measuring up to 12.5 hours with the included SSD option. Featuring the latest in ultra low voltage Intel Core 2 Duos, GMA X4500 graphics, and 802.11N/3G connectivity, the Dynabook series remains only available in Japan.

  • Processor/RAM: Intel 1.2GHz SU9300 ULV Core 2 Duo processor, up to 3GB
  • Display/Graphics: 12.1" LED backlit widescreen, 1280x800, powered by the onboard Intel X4500 chipset
  • Storage: 160GB HDD or 128GB SDD
  • Expansion/IO: 3x USB, 1x eSATA, DVD super-multi drive
  • Network connections: 802.11a/b/g/n, 3G
  • Battery: 12.5 hours with SSD
Post Review
07/01/2010 04:42

The ThinkPads are really great machines, and they mostly come with the TrackPoint, so I'll likely stay with them.

However, no single company has the monopoly on innovation and great products, so I'm just keeping my eyes and mind open for other stuff. If I find one that is by honest and rational comparison better than a ThinkPad, I won't have a problem switching away. But I'm still getting a good year or so out of the ThinkPad X61 Tablet that I've had for three years already, so I'm just scouting a little at this point :-)

07/01/2010 04:14

Why move away from the ThinkPad?

07/01/2010 04:09

I couldn't even find it on eBay (U.S.) so it looks like it's impossible to get your hands on this one. I wouldn't have minded buying it even used and a year old, used, from eBay - probably affordable that way. I hope Toshiba considers selling this globally.

That R700 looks really great, thanks for the link!
I just wish Toshiba would still do the TrackPoint, I'm so much used to it and would miss it terribly. Actually, I used to have a Toshiba Satellite Pro way back that had it, and I grew to love it on that machine.

07/01/2010 01:25

No, haven't really looked though. Pretty sick but now already 2 years old - and still way out of my pay grade! I don't know where they would sell Toshibas besides the basic ones at Best Buy. Have you seen the new R700, a little more affordable.

My review here:

07/01/2010 12:30

hey Yale, did you find this thing anywhere? I thought it was Japan only.

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